Just because Khloé Kardashian has been on reality TV for over 12 years doesn’t mean that the world knows everything about her! That’s why we were so excited to see Koko, 34, sit down with little sister Kylie Jenner for a Q&A on YouTube. Basically, in honor of the pair’s third collection together for Kylie Cosmetics, Miss Jenner, 21, thought it would be a fun idea to grill her sibling on some interesting subjects.

For starters, the Good American mogul admitted that she cries every time she watches The Notebook. “Sometimes if I want to cry, I’ll turn on The Notebook to get it out … it’s sick,” Koko confessed. Shortly after that admission, Kylie declared that she “really wants to know” who Khloé’s first kiss was.

Unfortunately, Koko’s reply was far from romantic. “I was in Newport Beach and we were there fore some reason — I don’t remember the whole thing — just like some kid on the beach and it was, like, traumatizing, I hated it,” she explained. Geez, it sounds like Koko has bad luck with men for years now. Ahem, Tristan Thompson. Sorry, is it still too soon?

Moving on, Kylie then asked her big sister what profession she would get into if she weren’t a celebrity. Turns out, Koko would want to be a kindergarten teacher! “I love, love, love kids,” she gushed. Considering she’s the best mama to her baby, True Thompson, we could totally see Khloé running a classroom. 

Last but not least, two other notable things we learned about Khloé are that she wanted to be a veterinarian when she was little and she would totally eat a cockroach for $1 million dollars. No tea, no shade, but we don’t think you need the money, girl.

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