Just when you thought the speculation that Stormi Webster's dad is actually Kylie Jenner's hot bodyguard Tim Chung was over, this happens! Kylie went through her Instagram page on June 4 and mysteriously removed all of the photos showing the face of her three-month-old daughter. Now, fans are demanding to know why! And don't worry, you can still see all of Stormi's pics right here.

"Kylie done took down all the pictures of her babies face now I’m dumb suspicious," said one fan. Another agreed, tweeting, "Came here to check if Kylie Jenner had an explanation of why she took Stormi's pics down on ig." Well, she hasn't offered one yet. Kylie hasn't even acknowledged the move publicly, so fans have begun crafting their own theories.

The first is that Kylie got sick of fans using the photos side-by-side with pics of Kylie's bodyguard to show how eerily similar they look. Now they're thinking that Kylie wanted to avoid any more speculation, and the only way to do that would be to stop people from knowing what Stormi looks like.

The second train of thought is that Kylie realized that she didn't want people commenting on her child. "People are cruel and be talking s–t all day and she got tired of it," said one fan. Another pointed out that Kylie once said that she planned to delete Instagram if and when she had a child, so perhaps she decided to follow her original instincts. It honestly makes more sense that Kylie just didn't want to see the mean comments anymore, because the photos have been shared over and over again by fans, so it's not like she can stop people from seeing Stormi's face. Hopefully she'll give us a real answer ASAP!

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