While most of the Kardashian-Jenner clan worry about protecting their ~ass-ets~, Tyga is more concerned with his face…to the point where not even Kylie Jenner touches that lovely complexion and gets away with it!

"I hate people touching my face," the 25-year-old repeatedly tells his girlfriend in this new Snapchat video.

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In a second video uploaded by the 18-year-old, Tyga, a rapper and father-of-one, complains he is even breaking out because his girlfriend won't leave him alone. Kylie, on the other hand, seems rather amused.

Unfortunately, this little scuffle isn't the only drama the controversial couple is facing. It was reported on Wednesday that Kylie forced her boyfriend to cancel his Brazilian tour out of jealousy.

"We are very upset in finding out an artist lacks the professionalism and the love for Brazilian fans, and allows something personal to interfere with his work schedule," the event organizers said, adding Tyga's team confirmed "he would not be coming to Brazil for his shows because he was stopped by his current girlfriend, media personality and socialite Kylie Jenner."