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Well, This is AwkwardLeah Remini Calls Her Husband a “Serial Cheater” in New Memoir

Leah Remini shared some extremely personal information on The View Tuesday morning, which included outing her husband of 12 years’ alleged infidelity.

“I am selfish and self-centered … have physically threatened people … my husband [Angelo Pagán] is a serial cheater and my mother was a slut,” cohost Joy Behar read from an excerpt of the actress’ new book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.

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leah remini

While the 45-year-old didn’t go into details about Angelo’s supposed affairs on the program, it’s long been rumored that he was in another relationship when they first met.

But the restaurant owner doesn’t seem to mind the label he’s been given, and had nothing but praise for his wife in a Tweet posted after her recent 20/20 special.

As for calling her mom a “slut,” Leah clarified, “It was the ’70s and she was doing drugs at the time.” We wonder if Mama Remini appreciates the sentiment.

During her book tour, the King of Queens has mostly been sharing stories about fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise that paint a disturbing portrait of the religion (and of the actor!)

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“‘You’re OK to leave, just don’t talk about it,'” Leah alleges the Church told her. “That’s why it was important for me.”

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