It’s no secret Lizzo has amazing style and skin, and she works hard at looking good. The “Truth Hurts” singer revealed her go-to beauty, skincare and fitness secrets, which include using SPF, doing cardio, changing up her hair and taking inspo from other icons.

Lizzo’s Skincare Secrets

The brunette beauty, 31, admitted she now uses SPF religiously after she didn’t wear any and got sunburned. “I just went to Hawaii and got burned because I didn’t use sunscreen,” she told The New York Times in an article published Wednesday, September 4. “So I’ve been really adamant about having some kind of SPF in my tinted moisturizer. Right now, I use the Laura Mercier and the Nars ones. I do the tinted moisturizer, and then I do concealer — the Urban Decay Stay Naked.”

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Lizzo’s Fitness Regime

Lizzo is all about ignoring “impossible standards” and staying active. “I’ve been working out with my trainer Marcus — I met him at Gold’s Gym — for the last two years. We do what he calls total body fitness. We do calisthenics, we do steps, we do a lot of planks, and we do a lot of football drills. We do heavy rope for cardio. I feel stronger for doing it.”

Lizzo’s Multiple Hair ‘Do

The singer loves to change up her hair — she’s all about rockin’ wigs, as well as keeping it natural. “I’ve been really excited about my natural hair journey,” she said. “I’ve been trying to rock more wigs — Dare to Have Hair has been amazing — to let my real hair breathe instead of putting in all these extensions and stuff and straightening my hair.”

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Lizzo’s Style Inspo

Lizzo likes to keep her own personal style, while also adding touches from other famous icons before her. “If you see me onstage, the look came from someone’s fantasy, whether it’s the hair, makeup or the outfit,” she confessed. “We love the greats. We love Cher and Diana Ross. Those women were so glam and daring and bold. They were both really slim women, so to see those iconic looks on a bigger body is really interesting and new.”

We stan this versatile queen!