Manny Gutierrez — better known on Instagram as Manny MUA — has accumulated a huge following since becoming a makeup artist. His bio, which reads, “I think boys deserve just as much cosmetic recognition,” pretty much says it all. Though 26-year-old men aren’t normally known for their makeup prowess, Manny is breaking boundaries and posting beauty looks that are totally enviable! Watch the video below to see what Manny looked like before he found a passion for makeup:

After garnering more than four million followers on his Instagram, people have really begun to take note of Manny’s talent. Not only did he become the first male to ever be featured in a Maybelline campaign, but just months ago, he became the only man to ever make People’s Most Beautiful List. Back in April, he opened up to the mag about the huge honor.

“It’s been crazy because I never thought of myself as a pioneer. It’s been pretty cool,” he said. “I was one of the first male influencers in the beauty world, and I had to fight tooth and nail to get any brand to recognize me as someone in [that world]. It was hard to get my name out there, but luckily I have an awesome following who would not stay silent and helped me get to where I wanted to be.”

Though his looks are undeniably perfect, Manny assured followers that his motivation to work in beauty has more to do with how makeup makes him feel rather than how it makes him look. “I always thought makeup was a beautiful thing, the transformation of it,” he said. “If someone felt insecure about something, they could put on concealer, and it would change their entire day.”