Here we go again! Some people are speculating that Mariah Carey was lip-syncing during her American Music Awards performance on Oct. 9, and fans are getting pretty savage about the diva on Twitter. 

Mimi took the stage at the AMAs to sing her new song “With You.” This was the first time she ever performed the song on live TV, and it was a pretty epic performance. Dancers literally emerged from under her dress… what more do you people want? Apparently, people want her to sing live, and weren’t entirely sure that was what she was doing. 

“Forced to watch the AMAS for work and I’m smh. Mariah Carey my baby……… know we know you’re lip singing right?,” chimed in a fan. Another wrote, “I’m a huge Mariah fan, but that was a very lazy performance with the dancers doing the work and effort. Lip syncing a new song will not help the sales of it. If she thinks this performance will get her to the top again, she’s wrong.” Another simply said, “jeez is Mariah Carey even trying with this bad lip sync? Yikes.”

But don’t worry, Mariah had even more support than hate. Plenty of fans had zero problem with her performance. “Y’all are so infatuated with Mariah Carey moving and walking…. but Honestly… A True Goddess Just Stands There and Captivates You With Her Beauty & Voice,” said one. Another wrote, “@MariahCarey could perform & not move her lips or body once, & I would still stan… THAT’S THAT ON THAT. #AMAs.” 

Of course, Mariah has a soft spot when it comes to performing live. How could anyone forget her catastrophic New Years Eve performance in 2016, where she couldn’t hear herself and sounded, well, horrible. It’s unclear if she truly was lip syncing tonight, but we wouldn’t blame her if she was too nervous to sing live after that last mess. 

Personally, we think she looked and sounded amazing at the AMAs. Her body was banging in that hot pink dress, and the song has old-Mariah vibes. We’re here for it!