She's a royal bride now, but it wasn't long ago that Meghan Markle was "just a FedEx girl" in Horrible Bosses. Other media outlets bill her appearance in the 2011 big-screen comedy as a "cameo," but it was more like a bit part — since Meghan wasn't the superstar she is today.

In fact, Meghan's part lasts only 30 seconds. Her character, Jamie — whose name we only know from IMDb — is a FedEx employee who interacts with Kurt, Jason Sudeikis's character. "What's going on here?" Kurt says when he sees her dropping off packages. "Is this one of those hidden camera shows? … I mean, you're way too cute to just be a FedEx girl. You've got to be a model or actress, right? Like, what happens when I open one of these boxes? Something going to jump out and bite me in the penis?"

"No," Jamie says. "Nothing's going to jump out. I'm just a FedEx girl."

And that's pretty much it. The movie was filmed in 2010, so the world hadn't yet seen Meghan in her breakout role on Suits, and she had to take work where she could get it. On the big screen, for example, she had played a character named Megan in Remember Me, a "Hot Girl" in A Lot Like Love, and an uncredited part in Get Him to the Greek. And she had only guest-starred on TV by that point, popping up in such shows as CSI: NY, 90210, Without a Trace, and Fringe.

Her role on Fringe, though, could have made her a star a lot earlier. The sci-fi FOX drama brought her character, FBI Agent Amy Jessup, onboard at the start of Season 2 as a potential love interest for Joshua Jackson's character, but she vanished without explanation after the first two episodes.

"That role was always crafted as being recurring or a series regular," Meghan told BuzzFeed in 2014. "This idea of how science and religion coexist was very much in the zeitgeist. I think it ended up being a storyline that scared off the studio or network, so Amy just evaporated. I was intending on being [in Vancouver, where Fringe filmed] for a while, but she was just phased out."

Well, such is the life of an up-and-coming Hollywood actress! She hardly needs to worry about finding work these days, though — her royal engagements as a duchess will keep her plenty busy.