Dance instructor and body positivity activist Whitney Thore is saying goodbye to North Carolina and hello to NYC!

The star of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life was able to talk rival dance teacher Jiya into having a rematch of their dance battle — but only under the condition that she wouldn’t hire an outside choreographer to come up with her moves. In a new sneak peek provided exclusively to Life & Style, Whitney and her pal Todd travel to the Big Apple to find some dance inspiration!

“I came to New York at the drop of a hat because The Fitness Marshall is a person that I look up to and I’m like, ‘yes, I’m about to impress!'” Whitney’s dance partner Todd said in the clip.

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But even though they drove all the way up to New York to take this specific dance class taught by Caleb Marshall, Whitney started to doubt herself as a dancer, and she also felt insecure after she realized that she was the biggest girl on the line.

“I’m nervous, there’s a ton of people there and I’m thinking about how they’re probably all better than I am and how they do classes and workshops all the time,” the 32-year-old admitted in her confessional.

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They were hoping to take the popular class — which consists of a cardio workout in the form of hip hop dances that are choreographed to hit songs — in order to bring back some new moves to incorporate into their own choreographer for the upcoming dance battle, where Whitney’s Big Girl Dance Class will face off against the Trophy Wife Fitness class for the second time.

Now that she’s signed her girls up for round two of the battle, Whitney has been visiting other dance classes in order to expand her own skills. During last week’s episode, she performed a belly dance in front of her family and friends with only a few days of practice — and she successfully pulled off her routine, which included balancing a sword on her head.

Be sure to catch the upcoming episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.