Prince Harry really missed fiancée Meghan Markle this Christmas!

After spending some time together in early December, Life & Style has learned that the 32-year-old royal fell into a days-long funk after dropping the actress off at London’s Heathrow Airport before the holiday.

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“Harry looks so glum whenever he has to part with Meghan,” an insider reveals. “He counts the hours until he can be reunited with her.” But the famous redhead is already cooking up their next adventure. “He’s planning on whisking her away very soon to an exotic location so they can have a holiday in the sun,” the source shares.

While overseas, Meghan helped her beau pic out a Christmas tree and the duo saw a play together. “Harry told his friends that was one of the happiest weeks of his life,” the insider continues, “and that he wasn’t looking forward to spending Christmas without her.”

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Meghan was spotted attending a yoga class in Toronto on Dec. 20.

Prince Charles’ youngest son dutifully attended his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II’s annual festivities at her Sandringham estate in the English countryside. But the source shares that Harry had trouble putting down his cell phone. “[He and Meghan] were talking on the phone several times a day, but the reception at the queen’s estate in Sandringham is so poor, he would literally take long drives just so he could hear Meghan better,” the source adds.

As Life & Style previously reported, the pair secretly got engaged just six months into their relationship. “They are head over heels in love and looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together,” a different insider said at the time. And even though Harry has given the 35-year-old a ring, “she won’t wear it in public yet because they are trying to keep a lid on everything.”

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