No Valentine this year? No problem! Starbucks has got you covered because coffee > dudes, tbh. Or ladies. Whatever you’re into.

The popular chain took to Instagram this morning to unveil the Cherry Mocha — just one week before V-Day. “#CherryMocha is here through #ValentinesDay ?❤️ |? Available in US and Canada,” the post read. Immediately, people began commenting on the snap, with many excited to try the new flavor. “Omg I want one so bad now that sounds really good,” one person wrote. Another added, “Why you guys always have to come up with something delicious and make me break my diet?” Unfortunately, our friends across the pond are disappointed. “Yet again the UK misses out,” a third chimed in. What the heck, Starbs?!

Starbucks is known for creating delectable holiday treats, just in time for a special holiday. Back in December, they unveiled the Christmas Tree Frappucino — uh, let’s just say we wouldn’t want to see it under our Christmas tree — the Maple Pecan Latte, and the Unicorn Latte, which wasn’t for any particular holiday; it just looked Instagrammable AF.

The newest tasty beverage is “made with espresso, mocha sauce, and candied cherry flavored syrup, topped with a Valentine’s sprinkle topping,” Starbucks revealed in the comments. Sadly, it’s only available from Feb. 7 (aka today!) through Feb. 14, so get them while they’re hot! Uh, or cold. You can order one in iced or Frappucino form — regardless of the frigid winter weather. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up a confetti heart cake pop (or 12) and a very Insta-worthy heart-shaped sugar cookie. These babies are coated in white or pink chocolate and colorful sprinkles and are available nationwide beginning Feb. 6. BRB, sprinting to the nearest Starbucks!

Watch the video below to see the world’s biggest Starbacks! It’s insane.