Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may have just celebrated their one-year anniversary, but the 26-year-old pop star is already thinking about having kids with her 32-year-old beau — even though the idea terrifies her!

According to a source, the blonde beauty is concerned about how her fame will affect her future offspring.

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“Basically she’s already worrying about the kids she hasn’t had,” the insider tells Hollywood Life. “Taylor does want to be a mom, she’s amazing with kids, but she also has a lot of anxiety about it. She worries about the future, she worries that her life and her level of fame will mess her kids up somehow.”

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Right now, “Taylor loves spending time with her friends and their kids, she’s Aunty Tay to all her friends’ kids,” but she’s starting to feel pressure from her pals to settle down with Calvin (whose real name is Adam Wiles).

“Taylor is still laughing them off, she’s saying she’s got to wait until Adam’s ready, but it’s not just Adam that isn’t ready,” the source adds.

Well, if the duo ever do decide to reproduce, we know they’ll make BEAUTIFUL children!