Ah — the interesting life of Tila Tequila! The social media-turned-reality star rose to fame in 2003 after amassing quite the following on Myspace. While some regard the 35-year-old mom — whose real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen — as one of the first-ever social media stars, many are wondering what she’s up to in 2017, now that her time on MTV has come to an end.

After a slew of TV appearances, Tila made headlines again in 2012 when she attempted suicide and was hospitalized for suffering a consequent brain aneurism. Tila allegedly overdosed on pills, but according to her roommate, it wasn’t the first time she tried to take her own life. “When [police] arrived [Tila] was incoherent. The roommate told the police she had been trying to kill herself all week,” a source said.

tila tequila celebrity big brother

Tila on Celebrity Big Brother in 2015. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

After making a miraculous, years-long recovery, Tila hit the scene again amidst Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. In several Twitter rants, she supported the then candidate, encouraging him to “build that wall” across the US-Mexico border. She first incited controversy regarding her political views in a 2013 blog post, declaring unwavering support for Hitler and antisemitism. On several occasions, the TV personality’s Twitter has been suspended in the wake of graphic Neo-Nazi rants.

Apart from showing her support for Trump in outspoken social media posts, Tila has even likened herself to First Lady Melania Trump. She once shared a side-by-side image of her and Melania both in white with the caption, “I’m literally a trendsetter! Head boss of illuminati.”

But don’t let her unruly social media presence fool you. Her last official appearance may have been 2015’s Celebrity Big Brother, but she’s still a force on the Internet. In a recent Facebook message, Tila announced the opening of her new Etsy shop, TilasArtSpot, where she sells her acrylic paintings. In the page’s “About” section, she claims her art is “prophetic magic.”

“Now, let me explain to you guys something I have never explained before about my paintings,” Tila wrote. “I am not selling just ‘Art’ because obviously you can buy that from anyone, anywhere! My work is actual relics or MAGIC!! Every painting brings something that will come to life! As they are live and pieces of prophetic magic or whatever you want to call it! It’s real, and it works!”