And then there were two… the most shocking scene of Game of Thrones Season 7Episode 6 titled "Beyond the Wall" was hands-down when one of Daenerys' dragons fell out of the sky to its death. The Night King successfully killed one of her children by throwing (with impressive force we might add) a deadly dragon-killing spear.

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Here's what happened (in case you missed it): Jon Snow traveled beyond the wall alongside Jorah Mormont, The Hound, Gendry, and the rest of the "suicide squad" as the Internet has dubbed them. The squad was on a mission to capture a White Walker to bring to King's Landing in order to convince Cersei Lannister that winter is finally here. Unfortunately albeit not surprisingly the White Walkers are a pretty tough crowd to beat and the men found themselves outnumbered and surrounded. So, of course, they called on Dany to save the day which she did in true Khaleesi fashion. Only problem is she sadly lost Viserion in the process. RIP. Watch the devastating scene below…

We know that rock beats scissor, but apparently in GoT ice beats fire? It was an ice spear that took down a fire breathing dragon. The worst part of the scene wasn't just that the dragons are Dany's best bet to actually take the Iron Throne, but that she also considers them her sons. Watching Dany witness her son's death really pulled at our heartstrings, and we're honestly still recovering from it.

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But, it didn't end there. After Dany explained to Jon that her dragons are the only children she'll have and then promised to fight the White Walkers at his side, her dragon was dragged out of the ice lake. Moments before the credits rolled, viewers saw Viserion open his eyes to expose icy blue iris' meaning that yes, now he is an ice dragon. What this will mean for the characters moving forward is still unsure, but it can't mean anything good. Check out the best fan reactions below:

Next week is the season finale which means s–t is going to hit the fan (or in this case wall). We can't wait to see what an ice dragon means for the war…