It looks like Mikaela Shiffrin and her boyfriend, Mathieu Faivre, have a lot in common — they're both alpine ski racers, for one — but they don't yet share Olympic gold. She topped the podium in her event, but he was sent packing from the games in PyeongChang, South Korea, before he could earn a medal. Why? "Disciplinary reasons."

Here's the scoop: The French skier finished seventh in the Feb. 18 men's giant slalom competition, behind three of his countrymen. According to BBC, the 26-year-old said he was "disgusted with the result" when he was asked about his teammates' performance. ("I'm here to race for myself only," he added.)

The following day, David Chastan, the director for the French men's skiing program, announced Mathieu had been sent home and would not be competing in the Alpine skiing team event. Mathieu has since apologized, calling himself "hot-blooded."

But maybe Mikaela likes Mathieu's hot-bloodedness! The 22-year-old — who won her second gold medal when she finished first in Feb. 15's women's giant slalom — has been dating the Frenchman for several months now. "It is fun," she tells Us Weekly. "He's really cute."

Dating a fellow skier has its perks, she explains: "It doesn't matter who I'm dating, I'm never gonna really see them. At least with him, we can work out together, we can ski together and kind of find ways to meet up. He understands. He's the second best skier in the world so he gets the pressure, he gets the obligation and all of that."

What is challenging, however, is their transcontinental romance. "I mean, honestly, we haven't had that many dates," she says. "This is a very new fresh thing. It just started this summer pretty much. So a typical date is like him flying to the US or me flying to France and finding something to do for a few days…And then it's like, 'OK, bye. See you next time!'"

Long-distance logistics aside, it's not a high-maintenance relationship. Mikaela says she and Mathieu keep it simple. "I love food, so date night [always includes] a really good dinner," she says. "But I mean, my favorite things to do is like watch one of my TV shows — right now, it's Blue Bloods."

It's just too bad she doesn't have anyone with whom to watch Blue Bloods in PyeongChang. Better luck in Beijing in 2022, Mathieu!