Back to the beach! Temptation Island season 4 premiered with a bang — and an obvious breakout star. Iris Jardiel has already caught the eyes of a few singles, even amid her relationship with boyfriend of four years Luke Wechselberger. Keep reading for everything to know about Iris.

She Has a Business Degree

According to her LinkedIn profile, Iris, 26, graduated from Bellevue College with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and management. Her job is currently listed as an entrepreneur, but in the past, she worked as a promotional model and content creator.

How She Met Luke

Iris and Luke, 29, were together for four years before making their Temptation Island debut, but before they got together, she was dating one of his friends. Iris broke things off with her ex upon meeting Luke, and the rest is history. They celebrated their four-year anniversary in March 2021.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend @luke_wechselberger,” she shared via Instagram in February of that same year. “Packing our bags and taking off to Miami with you was the scariest and best decision of my life. I love you infinitely.”

Who Is Iris Jardiel? What to Know About the ‘Temptation Island’ Season 4 Star
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Why She Joined Temptation Island

Although Iris felt like her and Luke’s relationship was “love at first sight,” the pair had their ups and downs, which is what led to their appearance on the reality show. During the first episode of season 4, which premiered on March 16, Iris explained that she and Luke broke up two times during the first year they were dating because she would find messages from other girls in his phone. Luke, for his part, called Iris “the party queen” noting that he would text other girls as a way to “cope” with her getting attention from other guys.

Another issue the couple expressed is with Luke’s emotions — or lack thereof.

“I hoped throughout our entire relationship that he could open up his emotions,” Iris said during the premiere, noting she never saw Luke cry in the four years they’ve been together. “I feel like his emotions are trapped and that’s not a way to live.”

Connections on the Show

While many of the singles showed an interest in Iris during their first meeting, she appeared to make an immediate connection with Andrew Kujawski. Before she separated from Luke to go interact with the singles, Iris noted that she’s “nervous, but really excited to get to know [them].”

New episodes of Temptation Island air via USA on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET.