Last summer, Vinny Ventiera was blindsided when Izzy Goodkind broke his heart on Bachelor in Paradise. Now he's back to find love again. Unfortunately, he can't seem to get his former beach fling out of his head.

During the premiere of BiP, Vinny frequently brought up his "ex" while talking with the guys — and it seems he was hesitant to get too close to any of the female contestants during filming. And, we don't blame him.

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On Season 3 of the reality dating competition, Vinny and Izzy agreed to not see anyone else while on the show, but that agreement came to an end when Brett Melnick (from Desiree Hartsock's season of The Bachelorette) showed up. "We were very much on the same page, I had not one thing that made me want to be with anybody else… when Brett walked in, I questioned myself," Izzy told Vinny, who responded, "I'm just hurt."

He continued, "I'm heartbroken, I'm crushed. I didn't think this was going to happen. The way that you handled yourself yesterday just showed me who you are… I've chosen to remove myself from here."

While a whole year has passed since their breakup, Vinny recently admitted he was still dealing with the effects of the split during an appearance on Million Dollar Matchmaker. "We solidified our relationship. She said, ‘Yeah, let’s not date anybody else that comes in here," he told Patti Stanger of the betrayal.

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Despite, the hesitation, it seems that Vinny has found love again — just not in Paradise.
He recently shared a photo with his rumored girlfriend Ashley, whom he met on the matchmaking show and the couple looks extremely happy. "Going on these shows has changed my life tremendously," Vinny told ET. "I learned a lot about myself and learned to actually listen to people and care to take part in conversations because we don't have cellphones, which seems to be the problem nowadays in life and in dating."

As for Izzy, it seems she is also in a relationship, captioning a photo with a mystery man named Matt, "My kind of paradise." Now we just have to wait and see how long Vinny sticks around Mexico this time around.