She’s finally a girl mom! After welcoming her son Canaan into the world, Amanda Frances and her partner, Eddie, have expanded their family with the arrival of their newest bundle of joy. Amanda, best-selling author of Rich As F*ck: More Money Than You Know What to Do With, has developed a cult-following online of devotees who gravitate toward her advice on career, family, balance, and manifestation – but lately, the top question on their minds is surrounding the name of Amanda’s newborn daughter, which she shares for the first time.

The financial empowerment coach – who is also a stepmom to Eddie’s children from a previous relationship, Liam and Shoshana – has named her daughter Delila Grace, and the story behind the sweet moniker is one for the books.

Delilah Grace
Chaya Tenenbaum (CG Photography)

“Early in our relationship, Eddie and I were driving home from a little spur-of-the-moment trip we had taken to Tahoe as the fall leaves were turning for the year when we started talking about what we would name our future children,” Amanda tells us. “It was way too early in our relationship to be having this conversation, but we were ‘all in’ and we — as they say — just knew.”

She adds: “Eddie’s family is Jewish — Ukrainian Jews who fled the Soviet Union when he was young. His heritage is very important to him — and he mentioned that he would like his kids to have Hebrew names. I am a Christian, with a background in ministry, and was like, ‘You mean Old Testament names?’”

Amanda started naming off all of the biblical names she could think of, as the duo agreed and disagreed on each of them. By the end of the drive, they had decided on “Delila Grace” and “Zion Chase” for their future children.

“I loved the name Delila as, to me, Delila is a fierce, but feminine woman who… gets what she wants,” Amanda gushes. “She is independent, fearless, and empowered. She is conveyed as scandalous in the bible story, but I don’t see it that way.”

Delila Grace
Chaya Tenenbaum (CG Photography)

Just over one year later, in early 2022, the couple learned they were pregnant – and to their surprise, had twins on the way. “We were excited to use both names, assuming we would have a boy and a girl,” Amanda remembers. “As it turns out… I was pregnant with two boys. So we shelved the name Delila and named our two boys Zion Chase and Canaan Cash.”

Zion and Canaan were born at 29 weeks. Tragically, Zion did not make it. The pair focused on giving Canaan the best life, and less than one year later, in May 2023, became pregnant again, although not on purpose. Amanda knew in her heart that Delila was finally ready to enter her life.

“I immediately knew it was a girl. And I immediately knew we would finally have our Delila Grace Frances-Tsivislavsky.’ The baby girl I had been waiting for,” she shares. I had wanted to be a ‘girl mom’ my entire life.”

Delila Grace
Chaya Tenenbaum (CG Photography)

The thought-leader also shares a special bond with Shoshana, who she is so excited to give a sister to. “I am extremely close to my step-daughter and have a bit of a hey-day dressing her, stocking her closet with sparkly things, and even created a pink marble unicorn bathroom for her when we renovated our home,” she notes of the little one’s room in Amanda’s home, which she bought from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards. “I am thrilled as now our family is complete. Two boys. Two girls. Two older kids. Two younger kids. Boy, girl, boy, girl. Perfect!”

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