Michael Melicia, the CEO of Coastal Paving and Excavation, has had over 17 years of success in the paving and excavating industry. However, though he has not had the easiest journey, his relentless determination to reshape his life has changed what he describes as “the history of his last name.”

At the age of 19, Melicia returned to his hometown with nothing more than $500, a determined spirit, and two suitcases. There, he founded a full-service pavement, utility, and civil construction firm called Coastal Paving and Excavating. His effective financial management has positioned him as a prominent contractor in Monterey County, California, focusing on municipal, commercial, and residential projects.

Melicia claims that what sets him apart from others is his creative and supportive culture. His journey, which has been marred by obstacles both personal and not, has sharpened his empathetic leadership style, which helps foster connections among the 60-plus employees he works with.

“Through resilience and adaptability our team thrives on empathetic leadership skills that continue to grow our companies in an enjoyable and enthusiastic work environment,” Melicia says.

His strong focus on community involvement has inspired Melicia to give back to his community. As a result, he donates a portion of his profits to multiple charities, with an emphasis on youth mental healthcare.

Melicia says that he was motivated to start his own business to escape from the constraints that finances often impose on people. As a result, he says that “business was [his] only option,” and added that “you only live once, so why not try everything?”

At Coastal Paving and Excavating, Melicia and his team believe that each project allows them to build trust with their neighbors in Monterey County. With a wide array of services—including asphalt, fine grading, driveway crack filling, parking lot striping, and asphalt paving and seal coating, among others—Coastal Paving and Excavating provides services that not only help improve the aesthetic of properties, but the safety of them as well.

“Coastal Paving and Excavating has been paving roads and parking lots for businesses in the Monterey Peninsula for years,” their website states. “As experienced experts of asphalt paving in Monterey County, we focus on creating the right base and other elements of asphalt paving.”

With the success of Coastal Paving and Excavating, Michael Melicia says that he wants to see his personal name and brand elevated and to be known as an entrepreneur who started from $500 and worked his way up. With his Militia Mindset business, Melicia works to empower others through his personal story, as well as to help them achieve their goals and aspirations. He says that his business, Militia Mindset, is designed to help you eliminate personal or professional roadblocks through accountability, coaching, as well as network expansion.

In addition to Militia Mindset and Coastal Paving and Excavating (aka CPEX), Melicia is the owner of two territories of the OxiFresh franchise, which his brother-in-law founded. Melicia also hosts the “hustle & humor” podcast and is the original creator of “site talk.”

“It takes a village,” Melicia writes. “United you expand, alone you stall. Your team is your most valuable asset. Take care of them and they will take care of you.”

He adds that, while you can’t manage what you can’t track, what you measure helps you succeed.

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