For those of us who appreciate the art of crafting an exceptional horror film, it is understood that the product will only be as good as the process. It is “behind the scenes” where a specific type of mind needs to be at the helm, steering the course of the story through the dark recesses and caverns of the viewer’s imagination. Film producer Laurence Gendron — with a career spanning over 15 years — is an innovative extraordinaire, crafting cinematic experiences that have captivated audiences, critics, and the breadth of horror enthusiasts camped out globally.

Raised in Montreal, Gendron was immersed in cinema as a child, thanks to her father’s involvement in the industry. This early exposure ignited a relentless passion within her, eventually leading her to pursue a career in film production. In 2015, she bravely moved to Toronto, seeking to broaden her horizons and make English-language movies to begin establishing herself on the international stage. The move was a turning point in Gendron’s career, as she soon embarked on a journey that would see her produce an assorted range of projects.

Under a new banner, Genco Pictures, Gendron produced multiple music videos for Polaris-shortlisted and JUNO-winning artist Dominique Fils-Aimé and the documentary Traces of Hope, which premiered at the 2020 International Festival of Films on Arts. Gendron’s work speaks for itself, showcasing her talent and vision as a producer.

One of her standout projects and first US feature, A Wounded Fawn, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2022 and was released worldwide on Shudder and AMC+ on December 1, 2022. This hauntingly beautiful horror film, directed by Travis Sevens and starring Josh Ruben and Sarah Lind, captivated audiences with its mesmerizing visuals and gripping narrative. The film was selected at Fantastic Fest 2022, FrightFest 2022, and Sitges 2022, was nominated for three Fangoria Chainsaw awards (including one for best streaming release), the Rondo Hatton award for best independent\limited release film of 2022, 2/20/23 Golden Claw award nominations (UK), and certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Her project, The Last Video Store, a Canadian feature that premiered at Fantastic Fest 2023, received multiple Bloodies Award nominations at the Blood in the Snow Film Festival, where it won two, including Best Picture. Gendron has finished post-production on a feature film directed by Academy Award nominee Anita Doran, titled Angel Three, and is in post-production on Love is the Monster, gearing it up for release to a US audience. Gendron’s next feature, Kill Me Now, directed by Daniel Grou, AKA Podz, has received financing through Telefilm Canada and is set to begin shooting in the fall. Her most recent film, The Path of Totality, directed by Sean Cisterna and starring Jonathan Kim, was released in Canada via LevelFILM on March 19, 2024.

Aside from her accolades, Gendron is a one-of-a-kind creator among her peers, approaching each project with a blend of creativity and business acumen and ensuring the final product is artistically compelling and commercially viable. Her ability to strike this balance has earned her a reputation as a producer who delivers results. Gendron’s unbridled love for film is palpable, and her passion for storytelling radiates in everything she does, whether sitting alone, watching a classic movie and getting lost in the story, or collaborating with other filmmakers. No matter how we view her prowess as a producer, Gendron is one true maestro of the silver screen, whose unparalleled instincts and imagination have solidified her as a genuine force in film production.

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