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Staying healthy and safe, as the COVID-19 pandemic eases, is even easier with the launch of Blue Bear Protection’s antibacterial hand wipes, one pivot the company is taking to move towards household cleaning, safety and over-the-counter products. In response to what consumers were struggling to find in the market, Blue Bear Protection created the highest quality antibacterial hand wipes available at retail. These FDA-approved wipes are alcohol-free, kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria, and are gentle on the skin. They’re the perfect addition to your daily routine at home, offices, schools, and more. They join the expanded lineup of Blue Bear Protection products that will continue to include rapid test kits and face masks. 

Unlike other competitor wipes on the market, Blue Bear Protection’s antibacterial hand wipes don’t leave a sticky residue behind. While they are sold as hand wipes, they’re not soapy, making them suitable for surfaces from electronic devices to countertops and car steering wheels. Their light lemon scent is a selling point for customers who dislike the strong alcohol scent found in most mainstream wipes.  

Blue Bear
Blue Bear

“As the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold and the gap between production and delivery of sanitation products in the U.S. deepened, we realized we could step in to help close this gap,” Todd Camhe, Strategic Partnerships at Blue Bear Protection, said. “Throughout the pandemic, we have worked with several large companies, foundations, and health care providers to distribute PPE products at scale. Now, we are proud to have launched our own line of antibacterial wipes that are the best in class to help people continue to focus on health and safety.”   

Blue Bear Protection’s antibacterial hand wipes provide customers with a product they’ve been asking for: an effective antibacterial wipe that soothes the skin, minimizing irritation. With relatively few antibacterial wipe options for people with sensitive skin available on the market, Blue Bear Protection products cater to a more inclusive customer base. 

“At Blue Bear Protection, we are obsessed with everything that makes everyday tasks a little easier,” Camhe said. “Blue Bear Protection disrupts the Lysol and Clorox niche by bringing an improved product to a forgotten category. These wipes are of high quality, a great value, and our unparalleled distribution network makes sure our customers don’t run out. 

The Blue Bear Protection wipes are available in 100 and 500-count canisters and 15 and 100-count soft packs. The canisters use a unique lid mechanism that allows customers to remove the product without the risk of drying out the remaining wipes. The larger 100-count packs have a plastic resealable tab that locks in moisture, and the 15-count packs have a resealable label for short-term use, making them the ideal travel partner in a purse or backpack. 

Blue Bear

“We work with multiple suppliers and vendors to source these high-quality items that improve quality of life, and the fact that they are FDA approved is vital to us,” Camhe said. “Our team at Blue Bear Protection visits each factory we source from to ensure that the products we’re producing are up to standard. We also personally examine all product credentials, including FDA certificates.”   

“We want our customers to trust our products and use them as frequently as possible, especially with Spring allergy season coming up, and particularly in settings where regular soap and water are unavailable,” Camhe added. “With the Food and Drug Administration giving their seal of approval, the wipes will now benefit millions of people across the country.” 

Based in New York, Blue Bear Protection was created by seasoned entrepreneurs that understand the challenge of bringing innovative products to the market. Their new antibacterial wipes reflect its mission to produce industry-leading PPE goods that benefit a diverse range of customers without compromising affordability. 

“I am a pediatric occupational therapist, and I ordered these wipes to quickly clean children’s hands before using putty, playdoh, and other shared sensory items, without having to disrupt the child by leaving the workspace,” said a Blue Bear Protection customer. “They are great, allowing me to quickly clean their hands. They have a very light, fresh scent, which is great because antibacterial products often have a heavy antiseptic or alcohol smell that many young clients cannot tolerate. They come in a tub of 500, which will last me more than five months — definitely a win with these Blue Bear Protection Wipes.”     

Blue Bear Protection orders arrive within three to five days, and there’s a 100% satisfaction 30-day money-back guarantee on their wipes and all their other products. 

 “At Blue Bear Protection, we stand by our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee,” Camhe said. “100% customer safety and satisfaction is our priority.”  

To try Blue Bear Protection’s antibacterial wipes and their other products available visit them on their website here. 

Blue Bear

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