Finding the best perfume doesn’t have to mean seeking out the priciest brands available. There is a way to buy luxury perfume that is as good as those from many famous brands but at only a fraction of the cost. Dossier is a perfume brand that aims to provide the highest quality fragrances without the expected high price tag. In addition, Dossier’s perfumes are made from sustainable vegan ingredients that are free from the use of animal testing or toxic chemicals. Read on to see why Dossier is one of the best affordable perfume brands around.

Who is Dossier?

Dossier is a New York-based luxury perfume brand that aims to provide high-quality perfumes at the most affordable prices. Since 2018, Dossier has been creating its own versions of popular, high-end perfumes using the best quality ingredients but at a fraction of the cost. Wherever possible, Dossier eliminates elements such as expensive packaging and endorsement fees that drive up the price of other big-name perfumes, but without compromising the overall quality of their products. Browse the Dossier perfume reviews from previous customers to see why these perfumes have high satisfaction ratings.

Dossier Review: Top Products

Here are three of Dossier’s top-selling products from their Ambery range.

Ambery Saffron

Those who want a perfume that is intense like fire will appreciate Dossier’s Ambery Saffron. Mixing saffron, cedarwood and amber, this perfume inspires a hot and sultry fragrance when used. The perfume costs only $79 compared to the market brand price of $465.

Ambery Cherry

Inspired by the warmth of spring, Dossier’s Ambery Cherry perfume combines the scents of cherry and almond with an inviting mix of spice, vanilla, and Peru balm. This fragrance costs just $49 compared to the common price tag of $395 for similar perfumes.

Ambery Vanilla

The sweet-smelling fragrance of Dossier’s Ambery Vanilla perfume delivers an immediate aroma of pear and liquorice mixed with floral scents, black coffee, and vanilla essence. Inspired by popular market brands, Dossier’s product costs just $49 compared to the usual price of $160.

Other Benefits of Dossier Perfumes

In addition to its Ambery range, Dossier also offer ranges such as Aquatic, Fruity and Floral, each range featuring its own feel and aromas. See at this perfume review for more information about these products. All Dossier perfumes are designed with affordability in mind, with a 30-day free return policy if a fragrance isn’t to the customer’s liking. All products are made with sustainability in mind, from 100% recycled packaging to plastic-free pumps. Finally, no products have been tested on animals, and Dossier is completely PETA-certified. The bottom line is that Dossier offers some of the best perfume products at affordable prices so anyone can indulge in a luxury fragrance without breaking the bank.

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