While there is a growing consumer awareness about clean eating and cosmetics, the significance of non-toxic bedding is often overlooked. While this is concerning for all consumers, who spend a substantial amount of time in contact with their bedding, typically around eight hours per day, this is particularly concerning for women. Due to the toxins in traditional cotton and microfiber sheets, standard bedding can have profound effects on women’s health.

On average, women tend to have more sensitive skin than men, making them more susceptible to the adverse effects of toxic substances in bedding. Exposure to these toxins can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, leading to irritation, rashes, and disrupted sleep. Moreover, women’s hormonal fluctuations, especially during menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause, can heighten their sensitivity to these harmful substances.

What are the non-toxic bedding options out there?

Phoebe Yu and Kat Dey, founders of ettitude, embarked on their entrepreneurial journey with a clear mission: to provide consumers, especially other women, with luxury non-toxic bedding that considers their health and as well as the health of our planet.  With a long background in textiles, Phoebe had an insider’s understanding of the industry and the often harmful chemicals used in traditional bedding. Her motivation for founding ettitude stemmed from a personal desire for cleaner, non-toxic bedding options — a need not met by the market. Taking it upon herself to create the product she needed, Phoebe spent 4 years in research & development to develop ettitude’s patented CleanBamboo® materials and tested them with early customers to refine and perfect the softness, durability, breathability and quality of the fabric. Kat, a serial entrepreneur, joined Phoebe as a co-founder in 2018, sharing a similar commitment to healthy and sustainable living.

Ten years later, ettitude is a pioneer in sustainable luxury bedding, towels, and blankets. The company’s signature CleanBamboo® fabric, derived from organic bamboo and processed with a food-grade organic solvent, offers a non-toxic alternative to conventional bedding materials. Avoiding the harmful chemicals typically found in viscose/rayon bamboo fabrics or pesticide-heavy cotton production, ettitude has the only truly non-toxic bamboo bedding products on the market. The company also uses all non-toxic dyes, and its products are certified Class-I “baby-safe” by OEKO-Tex, the highest class of certification.


Why is ettitude bedding good for health?

One of the key benefits of ettitude’s bedding for women is its proven ability to enhance sleep.  In 2022, a sleep lab study found that, thanks to its breathable nature, ettitude’s bedding improves sleep quality by a clinically significant margin. The study highlighted that using ettitude’s bedding can lead to gaining an additional 43 hours of sleep per year. This improvement is attributed to the fabric’s breathability and temperature regulation capabilities, which are especially advantageous for women who experience temperature fluctuations during hormonal changes or menopause.

The towels and loungewear, utilizing the same technology, extend these benefits beyond the bedroom. All of ettitude’s products have proven to be lifesavers for women dealing with various skin conditions, hormone issues, or auto-immune disorders at different stages of their lives. ettitude’s offerings are particularly impactful for women experiencing menopausal symptoms. Years after founding the company, Phoebe personally experienced how Ettitude’s products provide significant relief from night sweats and hot flashes during her own menopause journey.


Countless customers rave about their experience with ettitude:

  • “ettitude Sateen sheets and pillowcases are phenomenal. So soft and comfortable. I sleep so much better! I am menopausal and fight the hot flashes on and off all night. These sheets keep me so cool and dry !! Love them!!!” – Susan S.
  • “Living in the Deep South & being peri menopausal means I really resent how hot my bedroom gets in the summer. These keep me feeling like Goldilocks at all times – they are JUST RIGHT!” – Tammy B.


Moreover, ettitude’s products are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, making them ideal for women with sensitive skin. Dermatologists recommend these products due to their absence of toxic chemicals, ensuring safety and comfort throughout the growing, production, and dyeing processes.

“Protecting the skin barrier and its microbiome is one of the most important aspects of skin health. One of the causes of microbiome disruption could be the textiles you sleep on. Common fabrics, like conventional cotton, silk or bamboo viscose, are treated with harmful chemicals, which can leech and disrupt the natural skin microbiome. That’s why I recommend researching the fabrics you sleep on. ettitude’s bamboo lyocell bedsheets use food-grade solvents for processing their organic bamboo fiber, and use non-toxic dyes, which means it is the safest textile option for your skin. Their fabrics are also silky smooth and soft — you’ll have fewer skin creases and irritation when you wake up.  And they are highly sustainable so you can rest knowing you did your part for the Planet.”  —Barbara Paldus, Founder & CEO of Codex Labs, Director, EWG

Customers with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne and sensitivity due to pregnancy, cancer, and other conditions swear by their ettitude bedding, towels and loungewear.

  • “I suffer from psoriasis and these sheets have done wonders for my skin. From the first night I tried them I didn’t wake up feeling pain and itchy from my skin. I’m so glad I have purchased these and will continue to do so.” – Mary G
  • “Chemo approved: Bought the waffle towel set, the lyocell bamboo doona cover, fitted sheet and pillow cases for my father who is going through chemo and suffering from sensitive skin. He was amazed at how soft and light everything was!” – Kristen C.
  • “I spent ages looking for a silk like pillow set because I needed all the benefits it gives your skin and hair as I have acne and my hair gets very frizzy, but I didn’t want to buy silk. Now that I’ve tried these I will never go back! They feel so soft and I can not recommend enough. After a few nights my skin has started to clear up and my hair isn’t getting messed up during the night!” – Samantha M.

Healthy for you and the planet

For women who are mindful of their health and passionate about reducing their environmental footprint, ettitude’s sustainability efforts provide a compelling reason to embrace its products.

ettitude’s CleanBamboo® fabrics save 38% of CO2 and 99% of water compared to cotton, calculated in a Lifecycle Analysis (LCA) by 3rd party BCOME. The company’s sustainability efforts have saved over 3 million liters of water, 70,000 acres of land, and prevented over 1,000 tons of CO2 emissions. ettitude’s bamboo is a regenerating grass that enriches the soil, unlike cotton, which depletes it. ettitude’s patented production process avoids harmful chemicals, making CleanBamboo® the only bamboo fabric using only organic materials and non-toxic chemicals.

Additionally, ettitude has focused on some of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including clean energy, sustainable communities, responsible consumption, and climate action. In terms of supply chain best practices, they engage in circular supply chain processes, such as reusing water in production, using fabric off-cuts for packaging, and participating in re-commerce projects. Furthermore, ettitude aims for 100% transparency, implementing comprehensive codes of conduct and social compliance policies with suppliers and publishing a publicly available Impact Report every year since 2020.

Since 2020, ettitude has been offsetting 100% of its emissions through funding carbon capture, reforestation, and renewable energy projects and is certified Climate Neutral. In March of 2022, ettitude also became a certified B Corporation with a score of 102, over twice the median score for ordinary businesses, reflecting the brand’s commitment to ethical and environmental standards.

In conclusion, ettitude represents a significant advancement in bedding solutions, particularly for women, by combining health benefits and environmental responsibility. The company’s CleanBamboo® fabrics, specifically designed for sensitive skin and for regulating body temperature, align well with women’s health needs, offering improved sleep and relief from menopausal and other symptoms of hormonal fluctuations.

Additionally, ettitude’s environmental achievements, including significant water and CO2 emissions reductions, adherence to UN Sustainable Development Goals, and B Corporation certification, resonate with environmentally-conscious women. The founders’ personal experiences underscore their commitment to filling a market gap with healthier, sustainable options. By choosing ettitude, women not only ensure their own well-being but also contribute positively to the planet.

Medical Claims: “On average, women tend to have more sensitive skin than men, making them more susceptible to the adverse effects of toxic substances in bedding. Exposure to these toxins can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, leading to irritation, rashes, and disrupted sleep. Moreover, women’s hormonal fluctuations, especially during menstruation, pregnancy, or menopause, can heighten their sensitivity to these harmful substances.” “The harmful chemicals used in some bedding materials are known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, reproductive toxins, or can negatively affect immunity and respiratory health. Some have been linked to hormonal imbalances in women. These imbalances can manifest in various ways, from exacerbating pre-existing conditions to affecting overall well-being. For instance, exposure to certain toxins in bedding could interfere with estrogen and progesterone levels, potentially leading to menstrual irregularities or complications during pregnancy”

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