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If you’re looking for a quality gaming table to suit your home and lifestyle, then your best would be to talk to Lorraine Spektor, the co-founder and CEO of the top luxury gaming tables you can find in the US.

Lorraine displays finesse and great aesthetics through her Elevate Customs business, bringing ideas into reality and making her a leading name in the luxury gaming industry. Over the years, Elevate Customs has continued to set the pace in creating custom gaming tables with cutting-edge designs. The brand’s CEO, Lorraine Spektor, believes that every client’s imagination can be applied and their piece made precisely what they want it to be.

Lorraine revealed that Elevate Customs was born because there weren’t many custom-made tables for people to buy. People were left with the choice of buying from what was already out there in the market.

One of the things that stand Lorraine out when it comes to gaming tables is that she builds to specifications, and there are no restrictions on what she can deliver when it comes to gaming tables.  Lorraine Spektor shows she’s the best in making custom gaming tables as a woman of class and exquisite taste, combined with her passion for sports. That is why she’s earned a reputation with her clients over the years.

“It’s such a satisfaction being able to provide a modern art statement piece with the perfect functionality to bring the whole family together and impress everyone around,” says Lorraine, who enthuses that client satisfaction is the soul of good business. “Most clients I work with know they can call us at any given moment.”

Drawing from her passion for sports and gaming for inspiration and prior experience working in the interior design business for some time, Lorraine realized there’s a gap between what many clients desire and the choices available to them in the market.

In a recent interview, Lorraine Spektor revealed that she had worked in the furniture-making business for a while. But she was driven to pursue excellence in gaming table craftsmanship through her passion for gaming. Lorraine needed a high-end, modern-style gaming piece, which she couldn’t find at the stores. So instead of settling, she made it her business to design custom tables so people can have their unique designs and concepts come to life by Elevate Customs.

In essence, she wanted to create a bridge between imagination and reality concerning making custom pool tables for her clients. “We were never lucky to find what we need and decided to fulfill this niche and make it our goal to be the sole provider for these custom gaming pieces,” she explains. “We are a custom-built brand where every client’s imagination can be applied, and their piece made exactly what they want it to be.”

Lorraine Spektor

From their fantastic brand and range of exquisite pool tables available, Elevate Customs has got you covered. And if you don’t find exactly what suits your fancy, Elevate Customs can bring your imagination to life. Lorraine says she is a stickler for perfection, and her goal is to deliver high-end handmade gaming tables with intricate design, cutting-edge luxury, and attention to detail.

“Since these are all one-off pieces, detail orientation is a must! Client satisfaction is a priority,” she says.

Furthermore, Elevate Customs luxury game tables are built to be all-in-one; they come with extra fittings, elements, and accessories required to set up a complete game table. So you’re getting all you need in a table from one stop.

“I don’t believe there are any businesses out there that have a smooth road,” says Lorraine, but noted that the most important thing is to love what you’re doing and be convinced about it. There are always ups and downs and rough edges that most people ignore when they’re looking at their role models in the business.

For Lorraine Spektor, through creating elegant pieces of custom gaming tables, Elevate Customs is not only establishing itself in the industry; it’s allowing families to come together and bond around the table as they have a great time together. After all, family is everything, and home is where the heart is.

Growing up in a close-knit family, Lorraine understands the importance of families spending time together.  “It’s such a satisfaction being able to provide a modern art statement piece with the perfect functionality to bring the whole family together and impress everyone around,” she says.


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