Modena Smart Home explains how its Conceal trimless mounting system eliminates the visual distraction of light switches and outlets on our walls to create a calming, luxurious environment.

Lighting is an important component of interior design – arguably one of the most pivotal interior design elements in all spaces. Lighting helps create a warm, welcoming, and productive atmosphere and enhances the aesthetic value of an interior.

However, while the importance of lighting is widely appreciated, the accompanying lighting controls and receptacles are typically overlooked. These necessary controls, that are spread across every wall in our homes, haven’t evolved much in over 100 years. Their cover plates protrude from the surface of the wall creating unsightly shadow lines that visually distract from the clean, minimalist design homeowners seek. Conceal, by Modena Smart Home, tackles this problem head-on.

Conceal is a precision-engineered trimless mounting system that enables mounting light switches and outlets perfectly flush with the surface of the finished wall for a beautiful, minimalist appearance. By eliminating the shadows created by conventional protruding wall plates, switches and outlets virtually disappear into the background allowing your beautiful home design to be the focus, free from visual distractions.

Modena Smart Home, is Redefining Lighting Controls with Conceal, a Revolutionary Trimless Mounting System

Light switches and outlets disappear into the background and become virtually invisible in this Conceal installation in Vancouver, Canada.

According to Jean-Louis Iaconis, founder of Modena Smart Home, Conceal allows homeowners to integrate technology into their walls without compromising their design. He explains that Conceal was developed in close collaboration with designers, engineers, electricians and drywall trades to address the shortcomings with existing offerings. These professionals lamented that other trimless systems were prohibitively expensive, extremely difficult to install, or locked homeowners into buying switches and outlets from a specific manufacturer. In response, Conceal was designed as an affordable, easy to install solution with universal compatibility with all light switches and outlets from leading manufacturers. Homeowners have the freedom to choose the electrical devices they know from the brands they love, while Installers appreciate that no special tools or training are required to install Conceal and that the system is adjustable to ensure a perfect result every time.

Jean-Louis says Modena Smart Home aims to create products that represent a vision of the future that inspires and excites. He notes that the company is passionate about designing the little details that can elevate a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

Modena Smart Home, is Redefining Lighting Controls with Conceal, a Revolutionary Trimless Mounting System

Conceal magnetic wall plate during and after installation.

“The inspiration for Conceal came in 2014 when I was renovating my home. After carefully selecting flooring materials, plumbing fixtures, cabinet finishes, and wall colors, I grew frustrated by the lack of design options for the many light switches and outlets scattered on every wall of my family’s home. Conceal was conceived to do for light switches and outlets, what Nest did for thermostats: redefine overlooked utilitarian fixtures into beautiful design statements. I wanted to create a subtle, understated product that in its unobtrusiveness, would help homeowners build a cohesive, luxurious environment in their home. The team is very proud of this innovation and the potential it has to redefine the established convention for how switches and outlets integrate into our walls,” Jean-Louis says.

He reaffirms his belief that Conceal will not only revolutionize lighting in Canada but also make waves throughout North America, and beyond. The team at Modena Smart Home are now actively enlisting sales and distribution partners to grow Conceal’s reach across the continent and are in discussions with strategic partners to further accelerate market expansion.

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