LOS ANGELES, CA – On a warm May afternoon, the Babylist Beverly Hills showroom was transformed into an oasis for mothers – a modern recreation of the nurturing “village” that has been missing from so many of their lives. This was the vision brought to life by maternal wellness brand Momcozy for their inaugural “Momcozy Village” Mother’s Day event.

As soon as guests entered the showroom, they were enveloped in a cozy, nest-like environment decked out with plush lounges, a flower cart brimming with fresh blooms, and a whimsical balloon canopy installation. The theme celebrated the comforts and community that the traditional “village” once provided mothers.

“We wanted to create a space that felt like an escape – a respite where moms could exhale and experience the support we all crave but rarely get in our rushed, isolated lives,” explained Momcozy’s Head of Brand Marketing. “Our ‘Momcozy Village’ was meant to be that surrogate village bringing women together.”


The festivities hit a high when Momcozy’s Head of Brand Marketing took the stage, joined by celebrity mom advocates and influencers. “So many moms feel abandoned on an island. That’s why I’m proud Momcozy is building a village to help you thrive, not just survive,” she told the energized crowd.

One of the highlights of the event will be an interactive session where guests will be invited to reflect on their top three needs as a mom and what they find helpful in meeting those needs.  Using their smartphones’ Notes app, participants will jot down their thoughts, revealing the diverse range of needs and the various ways in which support can manifest.  This exercise will emphasize the subjective nature of having a “village” and highlight the importance of tailored support for every individual.

“Seeing my own struggles reflected in the stories of women who just get it – that’s what a village is all about,” said Tara Molina. “I felt less alone, and more motivated to keep going.”

After the program, moms had the chance to mingle with the special guests and each other. Many exchanged numbers to keep their newfound tribe going beyond the event.

For the Momcozy team, the afternoon achieved their goal of sparking genuine connections among the 35 moms in attendance. “You could feel the warmth and relief when women realized they weren’t struggling alone,” said Momcozy’s representative. “Creating that sense of community, that’s what building a modern village is all about.”

As guests departed with gift bags full and hearts full too, it was clear the “Momcozy Village” had taken root. The real-world mirror of the community Momcozy has been cultivating digitally and socially through programs like their Facebook groups and mom meetups. Just one facet of their larger mission to ensure no mother gets left behind.

“We can’t replace family or lifelong friendships,” Momcozy’s representative reflected. This collective wisdom and shared stories will serve as a testament to the power of community and the strength that arises from supporting one another.

Momcozy Village – “Embracing Self-Care and Redefining Motherhood” promises to be a transformative event, empowering moms to prioritize their needs, challenge societal expectations, and embrace self-care without guilt. By fostering a supportive environment and facilitating open dialogue, Momcozy aims to empower mothers to redefine their motherhood journey and create a village that truly understands and supports their unique needs.

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