When people think of lawyers, they usually don’t think of a first-generation law student studying feverishly in a library, motivated by an obsession with helping people in need. For one lawyer in the Midwest, however, that’s exactly how it began. Russell Nicolet had no prestigious legal heritage to build off of, only his desire and drive. It might be that humble, hard-working beginning that has helped him make such a powerful, personal difference in the lives of so many.

Making It Work

“I didn’t know what to expect,” Russell says of his early years studying law. “And I didn’t really know how to make it all work. I just went for it, and then I did the same when I started my own law office.” This a shockingly relatable thing for a lawyer to say, because it’s how so many people live in the Midwest. It’s a land of blue-collar workers and trade laborers who began in much the same way, studying hard, learning their trade, and doing whatever is necessary to make it work.

So when these efforts are cut short by an unfortunate accident, and made worse by an uncooperative insurance agency or disloyal employer, Russell takes it personally. The stories he encountered and the cases he witnessed drove him to become the very best lawyer he could—one ready to fight for people and win.

“I started learning and training with some of the best injury law attorneys in the world by going to other states to listen to them speak, watch them work, and train with them,” Russell says, explaining that he made a point to learn “from the best of the best trial lawyers.”

Russell Nicolet
Russell Nicolet

A Legacy of Justice Won Through Victory

When Russell started his one-man law office, Nicolet Law, it was with the ambition of becoming a champion for those in need. That seed of aspiration, nurtured by a desire for justice, has since sprouted in a big way. Today, the office has dozens of employees operating across three states.

Russell himself has won accolades for his pursuit of justice. He’s been named in the Top 40 Under 40 Trial Lawyers, and he’s in the National Lawyer’s Association’s list of Top 100 Trial Lawyers. He’s also been declared a SuperLawyer by the prestigious SuperLawyer Magazine. As much as he appreciates all the awards, however, he still claims, “My most notable highlights have been the results for the great people who I have had the honor to represent.”

Serving More and Reaching Further

“I am most proud of the excellent folks that work here, that come in day after day to fight for the hard-working families in the Midwest,” says Russell. “Everyone that works here feels and understands that what we do is not only a job, but a calling to help, serve, and stand up for those that need it most.”

Russell is determined to continue working for the people of the Midwest and growing his law firm to reach further. “We will not stop growing and not stop fighting for those people,” he says, “who have the misfortune to have an injury unnaturally thrust into their life.”

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