JScreen, a genetic testing company, partnered with country music icon Morgan Wade to spotlight the significance of gene and mutation testing.

Country music sensation Morgan Wade, known for her powerful vocals and candid storytelling, has once again taken the spotlight, but this time it’s not for her chart-topping hits. Last year, Wade made headlines when she bravely underwent a preventive procedure, a decision rooted in her family health history. Now, she’s using her platform to raise awareness about her condition in partnership with genetic screening company JScreen.

JScreen, a nonprofit health initiative housed within the esteemed Emory University School of Medicine, is a national nonprofit health initiative offering comprehensive, at-home testing genetic screening options. This past March, Wade lent her voice to the cause.

Wade’s journey into genetic testing and subsequent surgery was profoundly influenced by a family history entrenched in medical issues. With the loss of her grandmother and great-aunt, and another aunt’s similar battle, Wade was acutely aware of the genetic risks she faced. In a poignant 16-minute video as part of the campaign, she shared her discovery of the RAD51D gene mutation, which amplified her health risks. At 28, Wade boldly opted for a preventive procedure, a decision echoing her mother’s proactive stance, Robin Fonville, who shared a similar genetic profile.

Reflecting on her journey with Emily Goldberg, a Genetic Counselor at JScreen, Wade expressed astonishment at the ease and accessibility of genetic testing. “I did not realize how simple it was to undergo genetic testing, and I now urge everyone to take control of their health,” Wade emphasized, embodying her dedication to empowering others to prioritize their well-being through proactive measures.

Despite the uncertainties that accompanied her preventive surgery, Wade expressed gratitude for the peace of mind it provided. “I would’ve rather done this and have that peace of mind,” she expressed. “I’m grateful for the advances with science that we have the knowledge to be able to go and take care of these things.”

While genetic screening awareness is becoming widespread, many may not be familiar with the nuances of certain conditions and how preventative care could make a difference. Melanie Hardy, director of genetic counseling at JScreen, highlighted the link between certain genes and conditions, underscoring the importance of comprehensive genetic testing.

JScreen’s approach to genetic screening is straightforward yet comprehensive. Patients receive saliva testing kits delivered directly to their doorsteps, with results processed in a state-of-the-art laboratory. Following this, patients are connected with JScreen’s expert genetic counseling team, who provide guidance on understanding the results and explore potential treatment options.

Beyond its focus screening, JScreen has also championed campaigns addressing other genetic disorders, such as Tay-Sachs disease, underscoring its commitment to comprehensive genetic health awareness.

Wade’s partnership with JScreen underscores the influential role celebrities play in raising awareness about crucial health issues. Melanie Hardy explained, “Finding out that you test positive for a mutation in one of these genes can be a hugely impactful thing in a person’s life — so the fact that Morgan was willing to share her journey is helping people to understand the importance of genetic testing.”

In championing proactive health measures and leveraging her influence to educate her fanbase, Wade embodies the spirit of empowerment and advocacy. As she continues to amplify her voice toward awareness, Morgan Wade stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for all.

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