Paving a path of inspiring entrepreneurship, Tami White radiates as a public figure and entrepreneur, demonstrating that women can build successful businesses all while embracing motherhood. White has crafted a thriving business at the helm of her makeup brush brand and has risen as a leader on the Change Mentor Hub, a training platform dedicated to empowering individuals to follow a similar path. Her captivating journey of challenges, triumphs, and commitment to changing lives solidifies the ability for all to achieve a balanced life.

White’s story resonates with many women who aspire to create a balance between professional success and the joys of motherhood. Her lifestyle, where work seamlessly intertwines with family, is a motivating illustration of building a fulfilling career around children. Through White’s successful business, she can work around her daughter from anywhere in the world, enjoying every day with her without the need for childcare. Along with the reward of family, the entrepreneur has achieved significant milestones as a pioneer in the makeup industry, including securing lucrative deals for her makeup brush brand and attaining the status of a top seller on Additionally, she leads a community on retreats worldwide, fostering networking opportunities and business growth among like-minded individuals.

Change Mentor Hub
Change Mentor Hub

Challenges have been integral to White’s journey. Working around the demands of a newborn required dedication and time, yet the rewards included building a life with abundant choices. In the face of hardship, White chose positivity as her weapon, fostering a brand image that resonated with customers. White reflects that building a real business requires time, patience, and determination. She believes having the passion to create something for oneself and family is crucial. The perseverant public figure encourages individuals to persist and invest time, ensuring that results manifest with dedicated effort.

As White envisions the future, she plans to launch a makeup brand complementing her existing makeup brush kit. Her aspirations include seeing her products in every high-street beauty business and being embraced by influencers and celebrities. Beyond personal success, White aims to share her journey and expertise, helping more individuals achieve the freedom and success she has built for herself and others.

Complementing White’s entrepreneurial journey is the Change Mentor Hub, an e-commerce training and mentoring platform focusing on helping people create a life they love and achieve financial freedom. The hub offers a comprehensive program with the tools, resources, and expert knowledge necessary to build a successful online business. With a vibrant community, the hub organizes regular UK events and luxurious retreats worldwide, facilitating networking and knowledge-sharing.

Change Mentor Hub’s value is reflected in its members collectively generating over £2,000,000 in B2B sales and achieving high six figures in e-commerce store sales. Overcoming challenges in an industry often marred by false promises, the hub emphasizes the importance of genuine results. With ten years of experience, Change Mentor Hub looks ahead to the future, intending to expand its impact further, helping more individuals achieve financial freedom.

Tami White’s entrepreneurial voyage and the impactful presence of the Change Mentor Hub align with a commitment to empowering individuals, changing lives, and fostering growth. The two illuminate the path to success, proving that anyone can live the well-rounded life of their dreams with dedication, guidance, and a supportive community.

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