As much as we all love the Kardashians, that might not necessarily be the look you’re trying to achieve. Kim, Khloe, and Kris Jenner might not be fooling anyone, but then again, they’re not exactly trying to.

Plenty of the hottest celebs in Hollywood have had work done. It’s so subtle you don’t know unless you’re in the know. With the right treatments, getting the hottest celeb look is easy.

We spoke to Brianna LaTorre, aka the Lip Bunny, who co-owns The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa in Fall River, Massachusetts, about achieving the hottest celeb look without going overboard.

LaTorre started her career as an RN in the OR and left her position to start the beauty business after being certified as a Master Injector. A multi-award-winning injector, she has personally completed over 10,000 injectable treatments. She is a highly sought-after clinician with clients from all over the United States traveling to The Lip Bunny Beauty. It is now the leading medical spa on the east coast.

With just one location and four injectors on site, the spa is a Top 250 account for Allergan Pharmaceutical Company. The injectors offer treatments ranging from the lip, cheek, jawline and chin fillers to under-eye and tear trough fillers, neurotoxin injections, as well as Kybella and Sculptra injections. You can also book in for a chemical peel, facial or anti-aging treatment.

“Injectables or dermal fillers should restore, but they can also enhance. The injection is just beneath the skin and can address creases, lines, loss of volume, facial contours, and correct asymmetry.”

Cindy Crawford is probably one of the most famous ageless beauties. Still, she has openly discussed her belief in Botox, collagen, and vitamin injections just as much as she lives a healthy lifestyle. While she will credit a lot to her healthy diet and regular exercise, she has also tipped her hat to her cosmetic surgeon, who she has been seeing since she was 29.

Neurotoxins are more commonly used to address forehead lines, crows feet, and those nasty little eleven lines between the eyebrows. “They work by inhibiting muscle contraction in and around those problem areas.” They are a first-class tool for smoothing those lines, but they are also effective at preventing the intensity of the lines as you age.

Neurotoxins are rejuvenating, but more than that, LaTorre explains, “They are a preventative rejuvenation.” Starting the treatment preventatively can teach your muscles to avoid expressions contributing to deeper lines and wrinkles. Opting for preventative neurotoxin treatment reduces the need for more later. Chloe Sevigny has embraced this, choosing subtle preventative Botox to address 11 lines.

Another excellent example of subtlety is Gwyneth Paltrow. You might immediately think about her alternative lifestyle at the first mention of her name. Still, she has openly spoken about the neurotoxin Xeomin, an anti-wrinkle injectable that reduces frown lines.

Your face has 43 muscles and every time you frown, laugh, smile, speak, or sniff, these facial muscles move to make the action. And as they do this, the skin moves with them. The more you move, the more lines and wrinkles develop. When a neurotoxin is injected, it prevents the signals between the muscles and nerves to soften and smooth. It gets right to the root of the issue, but you can’t expect it to reverse sun damage.

The Lip Bunny

Kaley Cuoco is another superior example of subtle cosmetic procedures. She has discussed her nose job and breast augmentation in the past, but she has also had fillers. Katy Perry used fillers to rectify the hollowing under her eyes.

The key to achieving a natural lip filler look is working with a professional who understands how to consider your whole facial profile. The size of your eyes and nose are important factors when determining how much to plump your lips, and your cheeks are also considered. It’s all about keeping your new look in harmony with the rest of your face.

Ultimately, you want to look like yourself but better. Mindy Kaling, Keira Knightly, Kendal Jenner, and Lucy Hale are outstanding examples of striking the right balance with lip fillers.

“Each patient is unique, and we listen to their wants and needs. We want our patients to feel beautiful and confident, so we aren’t going to overfill or over-sell to increase our profits,” LaTorre says.

“Our goal is to help clients achieve their goals with the most natural results possible. Our priority is a positive self-image. We aim for optimal results over time, not selling as many units as possible. A large part of our business is building trust and long-term client relationships.”

If you are looking for a more dramatic change, then opting for lip fillers in conjunction with cheek, eye, and jawline fillers might help complete the look you are trying to achieve.

Cosmetic procedures are just about looking good, either. Chrissy Teigen opted for Botox in a bid to stamp out excessive sweating and also to help with hideous pregnancy headaches.

Beauty treatments are for you, they are all about boosting self-confidence and making you love the way you look. Working with a professional who understands your wants and needs is important.

LaTorre and the team at The Lip Bunny Beauty are passionate about positivity and positive progression, “the team is focused on building relationships with customers to build self-esteem.”

Article written in partnership with Luke Lintz

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