The quest for soft, smooth skin can often feel like an uphill battle. However, the solution to achieving that dreamy, baby-soft complexion might just be found in an unexpected place: diaper cream. That’s right. Dr. Shereene Idriss, a dermatologist based in New York, has shared her unique “face basting” technique, which intriguingly involves the use of diaper ointment, as seen in this TikTok reel. Dr. Idriss suggests diaper rash ointment, typically reserved for the tender skin of infants, can work wonders on adult skin too. Let’s explore why incorporating this unconventional skincare method into your routine could be a game-changer. Dr. Idriss stumbled upon the concept of face basting as an alternative to the heavy, greasy feel of the “slugging” trend, which utilizes products like Vaseline or Aquaphor. She sought a lighter yet equally potent option for skin soothing and repair. 

Her preferred choice is Triple Paste Diaper Rash Ointment, which boasts a zinc oxide formula. Dr. Idriss notes, “Zinc oxide has repairing and healing properties, plus helps lock in the hydration. After washing my face at night, I ice it like a cupcake to wake up with hydrated, supple skin.” 

But why is a diaper rash cream an appropriate option for adult facial skin? These creams contain skin protectants and emollients that form a barrier to shield the skin from moisture and irritants, aiding in healing and reducing inflammation. Ingredients like dimethicone, mineral oil, or lanolin in diaper rash creams help preserve the skin’s barrier. However, don’t just rely on Dr. Idriss’s word – consider testing it out yourself. Dr. Idriss also suggests using this technique when your skin feels irritated by harsh weather. In one of her TikTok videos, she mentions, “I do face basting when my inflamed skin barrier is acting up because of the cold.” She further elaborates in a YouTube video, “Think of the butt as your face in a bad environment. If your skin is red and angry, you not only want to protect it with your regular skincare products, but you also want to protect it from the environment.” In both instances, she advocates for Triple Paste Diaper Rash Ointment for its zinc oxide’s soothing properties. So, for those aiming for a smooth, hydrated complexion, why not explore Dr. Shereene Idriss’s face basting method? As she puts it, “If you have an inflamed skin barrier in addition to discoloration and your skin is red, parched and cracked, say hello to your kids’ diaper paste.” With Triple Paste Diaper Rash Ointment, your skin can remain safeguarded, moist, and in prime condition, akin to an infant’s. 

The allure of face basting is found in its straightforwardness and the potent healing attributes of zinc oxide. This approach, unlike the dense layers associated with slugging, provides a lighter, yet significantly effective, method for retaining moisture and safeguarding the skin. Nightly application of a liberal amount of diaper rash cream can lead to a transformation, resulting in skin that is not only tender and smooth but also rejuvenated from environmental damage. Dr. Idriss humorously acknowledges resembling “Mrs. Doubtfire or a Magnolia buttercream cupcake” during her evening regimen, yet the results the next day are astonishing. “It will help repair your face and heal your skin while locking in hydration,” she states. 

This technique is particularly valuable to dry or irritated skin. By treating one’s face with the same level of care as a baby’s bottom, Dr. Idriss showcases a forward-thinking strategy for preserving skin health. Her personal experience and professional recommendation of this diaper rash cream method not only defy traditional skincare practices but also encourage us to reconsider the capabilities of common products. Therefore, if your skin could use a boost, maybe it’s time to look inside the diaper bag. With Dr. Idriss’s face-basting method, attaining moisturized, soft skin might be as simple as applying some Triple Paste Diaper Rash Ointment at night. After all, in skincare, the most unconventional strategies often yield the most impressive outcomes. 

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