Kim Kardashian‘s sister from another mister?

Ever since Naya Rivera debuted her lighter ‘do at the People’s Choice Awards in January, she’s slowly, but surely transforming into the 33-year-old reality star.

Aside from the obvious (hair color, helllloooo), we’ve discovered the 27-year-old Glee star pretty much dresses just like Kimmy.

Kim Kardashian Shares Photo of Niece Penelope Holding North West

Oh, they also pose the same way…wear the same things…date rappers…

You get the point — we can barely tell these two starlets apart nowadays.

And these eight sets of photos (plus one pic) prove just that:

Plunging dress: Check. Hair color: Check.

naya rivera kim kardashian

The TV actress posted this photo on her Instagram over the weekend and her entire look, well, looked quite familiar. Kim’s getup in Paris in October, anyone?

Naya uploaded this shot nearly a week after this one below, sparking rumors she enhanced her bust…which now seems to be about the same size as Kim’s chest:


Color palettes here, color palettes there, color palettes freakin’ everywhere

Kim’s ombre look must have inspired Naya, who dyed her locks right after the New Year.

Not to mention, these gals have a knack for wearing the same hues.

Style sisters: Crop tops and high-waisted skirts galore

We all know North West’s mama has been a big fan of this look ever since shedding the pregnancy weight.

And — shocking! — Naya’s a fan, too.

Hot Alert! Curves on display….every single day

Hips out, face down…that’s the way they like to work.

We only share sexy Instagram pics, duh

You’ll never see the gals in a bad light on their respective social media accounts, but you’ll usually see their cleavage.

(Note: Their posing the same way again.)

So shade-y

All black. Check.

Sunglasses on a gloomy day. Check.

Looking the same in paparazzi photos. Check.

Fact: They adore their sisters

Naya posted this shot with her sis on Twitter while Kim published this personal one of her and younger sib Khloé on Instagram.

Same taste in dudes

Just a couple of weeks before Kanye West put a giant 15-carat rock on it, Big Sean popped the question to Naya with a five to six-carat diamond stunner in early October.

Kanye and Sean are both rappers, have good taste in diamond rings, proposed around the same time…

So this explains it…


They’re pals.

BAM — we’re done proving ourselves.