Oh, stars won awards and stuff at the Golden Globes last night? We didn’t even notice because we were so distracted by the hotness that is Michael Keaton’s son, Sean Douglas. #SorryNotSorry.

1) For starters, he ain’t bad to look at.

michael keaton son sean douglas

Heeeeeeello Hottie McHotterson.

2) He’s Batman/Birdman’s “best friend” — seriously, that ACCEPTANCE SPEECH.


Heart. Is. CRYING.

3) Look at the way he reacted during his dad’s big moment.

michael keaton son sean douglas

We didn’t believe in love at first sight until then.

4) He’s not JUST Michael Keaton’s son. As it turns out, he’s a very accomplished songwriter, having written Demi Lovato’s massive 2013 hit “Heart Attack,” as well as Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” and “Wiggle.”

…And we wouldn’t mind him talking dirty to us. Just sayin’.

5) Did we mention his relationship with his dad is EVERYTHING?

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We want to be in a group chat with them A-S-A-P. Perhaps we can win over Keaton, who will give us his blessing to marry his son. Dreams DO come true, people.

6) He’s Jim Halpert’s doppelganger.

michael keaton son sean douglas
Getty; NBC

Consider us sold.

7) Remember when Kim Kardashian tried to #BreakTheInternet? Sean actually succeeded.


Twitter wants a piece of that.

8) Fact: Scott Eastwood, another hot son of a celeb, is seriously so 2014.

michael keaton son sean douglas
Instagram; Getty

You’ve officially made it, Sean…you hot son of a biscuit, you.