Things are looking better for Aaron Carter. He’s been laying low on social media ever since he re-entered rehab last month, and now the pop star broke his social media hiatus to show off his impressive weight gain. In a side-by-side shirtless selfie, Aaron revealed he has put on a total 45-pounds since starting treatment.

“This is my before and after pics,” the 29-year-old singer captioned his Instagram post. “I went from 115 to 160 pounds in two months I feel amazing. 2018 I’m ready for you!! My new Music is on its way!”

Aaron’s last update celebrated a 30-pound weight gain, which is impressive considering what the “I Want Candy” singer went through back in June. He was briefly hospitalized after he was being bullied online by trolls who body-shamed him for being “too skinny,” and he revealed that the reason for his frail frame was because he struggles with a stress disorder called hiatal hernia which affects his appetite.

“From 115 pounds to 145 in a few weeks,” the 29-year-old singer wrote on Instagram. “On the left 115. On the right 145. Continuing to focus on myself and my health. #proudofmyself #StressFree. Needed some time to heal and this is a direct result.” Get it, Aaron! Watch the video below to see Aaron’s impressive transformation.

He also shared the photo on Twitter, adding, “Seeing is believing. See?? It’s important to encourage people when you don’t know what they’re going through. Thank you to everyone who has continued to believe in me and stick by my side. I will always aim to make you proud but this was for me.” It has been a tough year for Aaron, who has denied allegations that he struggled with addiction following his DUI arrest in July. Th police were also summoned to his house last month after a caller said he was not in a “safe mental state” and was threatening to commit suicide.

Aaron recently appeared on an episode of The Doctors who encouraged the troubled pop star to check into rehab. “I don’t want to be on that stuff,” he said referring to his prescription drug use. “My sister passed away from it. It’s not OK.” However, Aaron had to leave rehab after a short stint due to personal reasons.

aaron carter mug shot getty

“Aaron has left the facility where he has been working on his wellness. Several legal and personal matters arose that required his immediate and in-person attention,” his publicist told People magazine. “He is still very much committed to his wellness and will be continually working toward being the best person possible.”