So not cool, Miss Abby! On Oct. 26, Former Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller took to Instagram to seriously shade one of her longtime ALDC students Mackenzie Ziegler for her recent contemporary dance performance on Dancing with the Stars: Juniors

While Mackenzie was one of the most promising talents on the TLC dance series, she has since gone on to become a contestant, not professional, on DWTS — and let’s just say, Abby doesn’t seem too pleased about it.

“#ThrowbackThursday CONTEMPORARY? Things that make you go mmm,” Abby captioned a video of the young dancer along with several other hashtags including #ALDCAlways.

While we can’t be certain, it looks as though the 52-year-old is suggesting that the training Mack received from Abby should disqualify her from being a contestant on a dancing competition. Moreover, Abby seems a little salty that Mackenzie agreed to do a show where she’d be classified as anything less than a professional dancer. After all, Miss Abby didn’t exactly come to play all those years on Dance Moms — especially when Mackenzie and her older sister, Maddie, were concerned.

Of course, Abby’s followers had a lot of feelings on the matter, mostly in Kenzie’s defense, citing that DWTS is generally a ballroom dance competition.Abby, you didn’t teach Kenzie to ballroom dance before DWTS. She may know how to dance very well because of you, but she isn’t a professional. Let it go,” someone wrote.

“Mackenzie isn’t pretending that she doesn’t know how to dance. She even said in the first episode of DWTS that she has trained in a lot of styles but never ballroom!” another user commented. One simply added: “This is getting sad and pathetic. Some people just don’t know how to move on.”

That said, some people rushed to Abby’s defense. “Abby, I’m loving this subtly savage commentary on Mack’s DWTS run. I live for this truth!” one user commented. “Abby is throwing shade at Kenzie and DWTS. I agree with you, Abby. [Mackenzie] should either be a professional or not on it at all. Her dancing is better than her singing,” added another.

Yikes! It looks like this debate is going to continue for the duration of Mack’s stay on DWTS. Here’s hoping Abby lightens up as the season continues… though, we doubt it.