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Is Sansa Dying on ‘Game of Thrones’? Sophie Turner and 11 Other Stars Who Asked to Be Written off Their Shows

It’s never fun to see the best characters get killed or written off of TV shows. But believe it or not, many of those plot twists only happen because celebrities like Sophie Turner and Jared Padalecki actually wanted their characters to be taken out of the series.

Now, if we had our way, none of our fictional favorites would suddenly disappear out of nowhere. However, we’ll just have to face the harsh reality that sometimes, celebrities need to move on and pursue other opportunities. But is Sophie Turner really ready to leave Game of Thrones?

sophie turner written off show

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We’d kind of get it if she was. After all, her character, Sansa Stark, has been through some pretty tough times — whether that was in Kings Landing with Joffrey, in the Vale with her aunt Lysa Tully, or at her home in Winterfell while married to Ramsay Bolton (we still get shivers just thinking about how creepy he was).

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But still, Sophie seems as into GoT as any fan, and we kind of can’t imagine the show without her. Hopefully, we won’t have to any time soon.

Though Sophie does want her character to die on the show (according to the actress, she’d rather go out in a blaze of glory then get side-lined on the path to the Iron Throne), we’ve got a whole other season before things really start to get dire. And unless the war with the Night King starts sooner than expected, she seems pretty safe.

And let’s be real. Nobody’s getting through Brienne of Tarth, her sworn shield. Sansa Stark seems safe to us… at least for now. Just don’t go crowning her Queen of the North any time soon (much as we’d love that). The crowns only ever seem to bring danger to those who wear them.

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Click through the gallery below to see which other stars wanted their characters written out of a show.