Plastic Surgery? Adrienne Bailon is Slowly Morphing Into a Kardashian! (EXCLUSIVE)

Did Adrienne Bailon get plastic surgery?

The talk show host has been very vocal about her dislike of the Kardashians, but fans could not help notice her striking resemblance to Kim Kardashian herself.

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In a recent photo uploaded to Instagram, Adrienne showed off her overly plumped lips and contoured face — and posed exactly like the famous KUWTK star!

adrienne bailon kim kardashian instagram

Many fans are accusing the Puerto Rican beauty, who once dated Rob Kardashian, of going under the knife, with one fan commenting, “It’s a shame this is today’s society of “beautiful”….look at all the face fillers, that’s horrible #sorrynotsorry.”

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Adrienne has always been open about her going under the knife, admitting to getting breast implants that were too large when she was 19 years old, but nothing more.

“I personally would never touch my face,” Adrienne said in 2014 after revealing she had her implants removed. “That’s a little too scary for me.”

However, according to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Babak Dadvand, who has never treated Adrienne, it appears the 33-year-old has had a change of mind.

“I think she’s had rhinoplasty and lip filler, and maybe cheek augmentation as well,” he said of her transformation. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. David Amron, who also has not treated Adrienne, also believes she’s had fillers in her mid-face, pointing out her more chiseled cheekbones: “She has a more sculpted look now.”

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Dr. Dadvand adds, “Her lower lip used to be twice as thick as her upper lip. Now, they’re almost the same thickness.”

Either way, she still looks flawless! For more celebs morphing into the Kardashian-Jenners, check out the gallery below!