It’s a he-said, she-said! Alec Baldwin has been delighting Saturday Night Live fans with his impersonation of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump, and even though the Commander in Chief has been very outspoken about how much he dislikes the way the actor portrays him on the show, his wife Melania Trump seems to be a fan! Well, at least, according to Alec.

“Someone told me, who’s friends with someone in the White House or formerly in the White House, that Melania Trump loves SNL and she loves my impersonation,” the 59-year-old said during an interview with WNYC’s The Brian Lehrer Show. He went on to explain that Melania allegedly said “that’s exactly what he’s like” when she saw Alec’s impression of her husband.

“Trump is horrified and beside himself that his wife actually thinks it’s funny,” Alec continued. But Stephanie Grisham, who is the director of communications for FLOTUS, denied Melania ever said those things.

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“That is not true, which is why Mr. Baldwin has no actual names to go with his bizarre assertion,” she said in a statement obtained by Newsweek. The A-lister has been impersonating the POTUS on SNL for months now. And back in May, he revealed he would be happy if Donald swung by the popular nighttime TV show.

“I think if he came it would be a great show,” Alec said on Ellen DeGeneres. “I think it would be better for everybody. It’s always fun to defuse some of the tensions and unpleasantness of all this because we are mocking him — by no means with more frequency or more maliciousness if you will than other people.”

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In the past, Donald, 70, has bashed the series on Twitter, writing, “NBC News is bad but Saturday Night Live is the worst of NBC. Not funny, cast is terrible, always a complete hit job. Really bad television!” However, Alec claimed all his skits about Donald are a result of the president’s actions and words.

“Trump himself is responsible for nearly all of the content,” the dad-of-four said. “Trump is the head writer at SNL. Nearly everything, every consonant and every vowel is something that Trump himself has rendered in some way. So I think Trump is even more frustrated because he has only himself to blame for that.”

Alec confessed, “We invited him to come when I hosted recently, but he refused to come, which is fine. I’m hoping SNL was the one thing he chose to ignore so he could actually do his job.” Now that’s a show we’d love to see!