Can we just talk about what a savage Bette Midler is? She seems to burn Donald Trump every chance she gets, and it’s always totally on-point. On Oct. 24, she combined our two favorite things about her — her Trump zingers and her hit Halloween movie Hocus Pocus — and it was better than we ever could have imagined.

bette midler, giphy

With the Halloween season upon us, Bette’s mind wandered back to the cult classic film, in which she plays a witch named Winifred Sanderson. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Winifred has razor-sharp nails, big buck teeth, and massive, frizzy red hair. “I hated that Hocus Pocus wig at the time,” tweeted Bette about her iconic costume. “But after staring at Trump’s hair for 18 months, it honestly looks not that bad.” Ouch!

Of course, with a mic drop like that, fans started going crazy in the Twitter thread. “You’re all goddesses! Trump will always look like a rotten pumpkin,” wrote one fired-up fan. Another agreed, saying her joke was “so good, I’m still laughing!” Of course, some fans wanted to point out that there’s no competition here: “Winnie’s hair is more iconic than Trumps,” while another said “You’d have gotten the popular vote in the wig vs. that nitwit.”

While the Hocus Pocus burn might be our favorite tweet of Bette’s in quite a while, she actually slams Donald basically on-the-daily. “Trump has spent one out of every four days as President playing golf. Boy, that takes a lot of small white balls,” she wrote on Oct. 17. Just two days before that on Oct. 15, she wrote that “observing @realDonaldTrump’s all consuming jealousy of Obama must be fascinating for mental health pros, but it’s killing the rest of us!” This lady’s on fire!