Start your engines and get ready to cringe! Once again the magic of the internet has produced something we definitely didn’t need, but can’t stop watching now that it exists. YouTuber Maestro Ziikos stitched together a video of Donald Trump singing Taylor Swift’s hit “Look What You Made Me Do” and it’s, um, interesting to say the least.

Both fans and haters of Donald and Taylor absolutely ate this video up, gushing about it in the comments. “I think this cover is better than original song,” commented one fan. “This is EVERTYHING!” agreed another. We have to admit, we literally burst out laughing when it got to the moaning part after “check it once, then I check it twice… ooh!”

This certainly isn’t the first time Donald and Taylor have been connected by a music project that they were involved in against their will. In Kanye West’s bombshell 2016 music video for “Famous,” both controversial characters appeared as naked wax figures laying in bed together. It was absolutely explosive, and we still can’t get the horrifying image out of our minds.

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Since the 2016 election, many people have speculated that Taylor was actually a Donald supporter based on the fact that she never spoke out publicly in support of Hillary Clinton like many of her musical peers did. However, her friend (and “Look What You Made Me Do” co-star) Todrick Hall shot down those rumors.

“They’re making this huge assumption when Taylor has never to my knowledge come out and said anything about her being pro-Trump,” he explained to Yahoo!. “People would still rather believe that she is the one who is pushing Trump’s agenda. I don’t understand that.”