Summer House star Carl Radke revealed if he has been physically intimate with anyone following his split from Lindsay Hubbard.

“I haven’t kissed anybody since Lindsay,” Carl, 39, shared during part 2 of the season 8 reunion on Thursday, June 13. “I haven’t hooked up with anybody since Lindsay.”

After he said that his lack of romance “f–king embarrassing,” Carl admitted that he misses Lindsay, 37, ten months after he called off their wedding.

I hurt someone I care about,” he continued, explaining that he’s been in his head since they called it quits in August 2023. “I blew up a thing that we worked really hard both at trying to figure out and make right. I think both really wanted this next phase of our life. But it wasn’t right.”

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Carl then apologized to Lindsay for how he “handled” their breakup.

Fans watched the couple face many hardships during the final months of their engagement during season 8. Meanwhile, their split was documented during the season finale on May 30.

They spoke about their split during the reunion, with Lindsay saying that she didn’t “agree with the way” he ended their relationship and called it “really disrespectful.” However, they both agreed that their split was for the best.

“I’m surprised by what you’ve been saying today. I thought she was going to try and burn me to the ground still,” Carl said. “I’m glad to hear Lindsay say I did her a favor.”

Lindsay then clarified her thoughts, explaining that she doesn’t believe he did her a favor. Instead, she said it “was a great decision” and believes “the universe did [her] a favor” that they never got married.

While Carl revealed that he doesn’t have a potential love interest at the moment, Lindsay confirmed she was seeing someone new during part 2 of the reunion.

“I’m dating a wonderful man,” she shared. “He’s incredible. He’s so sweet. We actually went on a few dates three-and-a-half years ago. It was just bad timing back then for him and for me. And then he kind of popped back up in December and then we started dating in January.”

Summer House’s Carl Radke Reveals He Hasn’t ‘Kissed Anybody’ Since Lindsay Hubbard Split
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The former publicist added that their relationship is moving “in a pretty serious direction.”

Host Andy Cohen then asked Carl what his thoughts were on Lindsay’s new romance, and he insisted he was happy for his ex. “I mean, I want her to be happy. I wish her nothing but happiness,” the Loverboy employee said. “I hope he takes great care of her and is good to her. That’s all I can ask for.”