Summer House stars Lindsay Hubbard and Carl Radke’s split in August 2023 left many fans wondering about the former couple’s future as cast members on the show. Their relationship and breakup were a major part of season 8, but can they continue the dynamic in season 9, or is it time for a cast shakeup? Their costar Danielle Olivera shares her thoughts on who might or might not return in season 9 in an exclusive interview with Life & Style.

“You know what, in the beginning of the summer, like when we first started airing, I was like, ‘We had a great summer. I’ve got along with everyone!’ And I was surprised that I didn’t get along with everyone,” the reality star, 35, says after experiencing some drama with her castmates in season 8. “So I know I never know and my predictions are never correct. What I will say, though is that I think that our production crew, or everyone, they do try to be right by how the viewer would see things in the premise of the show.”

Danielle, who recently underwent an AirSculpt transformation, continues, “It goes back to friendship. Do these people want to be friends with each other? Can they exist in the same room together? Because if we can’t, then we’re not — it’s not the show that it once was. Does that make sense? I hope it does.”

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One thing is for sure: the TV personality knows where she would stand if she were in the same position as Carl, 39, or Lindsay, 37.

“I don’t know that I would wanna be in the same room with my ex-fiancé, just leave it at that,” Danielle says. “I could even hear … I’m over [my ex] Robert [Sieber], but if even the name is mentioned, I’m like, ‘And I’m out.’”

Bravo announced on May 9 that Summer House would return for season 9, although the cast has not yet been confirmed.

Summer House's Danielle Olivera on Who Will Return in Season 9
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Carl and Lindsay made headlines on August 31, 2023, when they called off their engagement just three months before they were set to walk down the aisle. A source exclusively told Life & Style in September 2023 that it was “Carl’s decision” to cancel their nuptials, leaving his then-fiancée heartbroken.

“Lindsay is devastated that he would cancel their wedding — she’d only held her bridal shower two weeks earlier!” the insider said at the time. “Lindsay is broken up and not in a great place.”

Fans have since watched their romance fall apart on Summer House season 8, which began airing in February and will continue with the second part of the reunion on Thursday, June 13.

In a May 31 interview with The New York Times, Carl reflected on the season and how he handled his split from Lindsay.

“I’m not proud of how I was handling the situation and how I was treating her,” he said. “I mean, I was clearly frustrated and, you know, so I wish I had really been more direct.”