Summer House’s Danielle Olivera is a reality star in the summer but a product manager all year round! The Bravo series cast member has a hectic schedule when working at her job remotely in the Montauk, Long Island-based house. 

However, Danielle ran into some bigger problems apart from her workday while at the summer abode, as shown in the trailer for season 6. The clip revealed a heated, wine-splashing showdown between Danielle and her costar Ciara Miller, who works as an ICU nurse outside of the show. 

Danielle opened up about the exchange to Us Weekly, following the trailer’s December 2021 premiere. 

“In real life, I blacked out not because of drinking, but because of the rage,”  she revealed. “It was just so insane … I’ve never been in that situation before with someone who I thought we were OK — I thought we were good — and all of the sudden, you’re throwing wine. So, I saw red.”

Keep reading to see what Danielle does on a daily basis at her job. 

Summer House's Danielle Olivera Job
Courtesy of Danielle Olivera/Instagram

Danielle Olivera Is a Product Manager

In a March 2021 interview with Showbiz Cheat Sheet, Danielle mentioned that her “background has always been in finance.” However, she “moved into technology” around “five years ago” and is now “combining” both fields by working in the financial technology industry. 

“What I do there is I’m a product manager,” she explained. “I really just work with all the coders to build software for the financial industry. So, I could nerd out for hours.”

When it comes to filming the seasonal reality hit, Danielle reflected on how it sometimes feels like she’s living a “double life.” 

“But it really does feel like I live a double life because they don’t overlap at all,” she added, referring to her management job and her life as a reality star. “Except for I guess the summer when I was working in the house. But as far as like conversations with friends go or everything that has to do with being on the show, like it’s just, it really is a double life.”

How Danielle Olivera Balances Work With ‘Summer House’ 

Despite the difficulties in balancing reality TV and fintech product management, Danielle also has to strategize how she can make time for herself in her day-to-day routine. 

“I need my ergonomic chairs,” the Winter House alum said in the same interview. “I’m literally sitting down the entire day. I just have, like, a very strict Zoom schedule, like back-to-back. And if I don’t, like, block time for lunch, I don’t get one. It’s very much I think what I think most of the world does. 

As for the rest of the Summer House cast, Danielle pointed out that her work life is “very, very different” in comparison to the others. 

“But in that house, you have so many people who like to create their own schedule and their own destiny,” she added. 

Danielle Is Certified in Her Career Field

The product manager didn’t attain her successful career overnight — she obtained a software product management certificate in 2016, according to her LinkedIn page, in addition to a “scrum master” certificate. 

Prior to earning her certification, Danielle received her Bachelor of Science degree in finance at the University of Delaware.