Boy, bye! In an exclusive preview for the Monday, Feb. 12, episode of Bravo’s Summer House, Carl Radke catches wind that his ex Danielle Olivera has been commiserating with his current flame, Lauren Wirkus, about their bad experiences with the handsome business consultant. But when Carl tries to tell Danielle how to conduct herself, she responds like the clapback queen she is.

“From what I can understand, you’ve had some conversations with Lauren about how I’m behaving towards her. So you’re gonna stop that,” Carl says in the preview, to which Danielle shoots back, “OK, I’m over that. Done with it.”

Carl then suggests that Danielle still has feelings for him. “Don’t give yourself that much credit. I’m fine. I’m fine. Like, give me some credit,” she says, assuring him that she is 100 percent over him. Later, in a confessional, she scoffs at the idea of being jealous of Lauren. “You’re right, Carl. I’m so jealous of you and Lauren,” she says sarcastically. “Ya got me…Please.”

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Lauren, I know that I’ve been a huge thorn in your side since day 1. You have such a big heart and have shown a lot of compassion to me and my family through all my challenges and behaviors. The highs and lows of dating someone, getting lied to, lead on, being constantly told I’m awful and that you’re dumb for having me apart of your life. You don’t deserve all the negativity due to things that I caused. All I can do is be better and you support me in that journey! What I do know is that you’re a smart, talented and successful woman. All the great things you have in your life you earned and deserve. We certainly have our emotions when things are really real. I hope you can focus on all the positives and use the negatives to power your future success and dreams. The people that know you care and love you. #SummerHouse #weareallhumansafterall

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After Carl and Danielle wrap up their convo, the brunette beauty finds her pal Stephen McGee to give him the lowdown. “All right, so he’s like, what’s going on with me and Lauren? And [he’s] like, ‘You need to just stay out of it,’” she says. “And it’s like, dude, I’ve been trying to stay out of it.”

But when Carl notices that Danielle is recounting their discussion to Stephen, he loses it and unleashes on Danielle in what seems to be a rosé-fueled rage. “Hey, don’t do that! Don’t talk about us,” he says in her face. “You’re out of line.”

To see how Danielle reacts, watch the video above. Summer House airs on Bravo Mondays at 10 p.m. EST.