Alexis Bawden’s social media videos have appeared on season 7 of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation due to her feud with Angelina Pivarnick. Who is the NFL WAG and why is she fighting with the reality star?

Who Is New York Jets WAG Alexis Bawden? 

Alexis is married to New York Jets fullback Nick Bawden. She is a social media influencer who often posts content on Instagram and TikTok, with more than 150,000 followers on both sites. In her Instagram bio, she refers to herself as a “wife, mother and lover of Jesus,” while also confirming that she resides in New Jersey.

Alexis is from the Bay Area in northern California. She and Nick tied the knot in Woodside, California, in July 2023, one year after they got engaged. Their daughter, Skylar, was born in January 2021. 

“Welcome to the world baby girl,” Alexis wrote on Instagram after Skylar’s birth. “Giving birth to you was truly the best moment of my life. We love you more than words can describe.”

who is alexis bawden nfl wag feuds with angelina pivanrick

How Did New York Jets’ Nick Bawden Meet Wife Alexis?

Nick and Alexis met while attending the WM Phoenix Golf open in Arizona. They were introduced by mutual friends at the event. 

The NFL star said he was drawn to Alexis because of her “confidence and heart,” adding, “She knows who she is and loves with every part of her being.” Meanwhile, Alexis gushed about her husband too. “He competes with the top one percent of athletes in the world and still blows them all out of the water with his determination and dedication,” she shared.

Angelina Pivarnick and Alexis Bawden’s Feud on ‘Jersey Shore’

Angelina and Alexis’ issues began when the Jersey Shore cast attended a New York Jets game on September 24, 2023. The Staten Island native was having issues in her relationship with fiancé Vinny Tortorella at the time, so she slid into some players’ DMs. 

Alexis caught wind of Angelina’s message to her husband and called her out in a TikTok video. She said she didn’t know who Angelina was before the game but claimed the reality star was “eyeing [her] on the field” ten minutes before she slid into Nick’s DMs. Alexis pointed out that Nick’s Instagram does not hide the fact that he has a wife, as she’s featured in many of his photos.

“She’s weird,” the NFL wife said of Angelina. “It’s weird. Don’t message a married woman’s man [that] you’re gonna see him soon after you see his wife. Weirdo.” 

who is alexis bawden nfl wag feuds with angelina pivarnick

The next day, Alexis updated fans with a new TikTok and revealed she got a DM from Angelina in the middle of the night. “A lot of it makes no sense but one thing she did say was she wasn’t on the field,” Alexis shared. “Which, 100 percent honesty, could be true. I don’t know the show. I saw Snooki, I saw a brunette chick who looks like Angelina looking at me and I assumed it was her because my husband got that DM ten minutes later.” 

She also shared a screenshot of the conversation, where Angelina said it was “very childish” of Alexis to call her out on TikTok. The Jersey Shore star also wrote, “Take the f–king TikTok down because you look like a f–king idiot right now.” In her response, Alexis wrote, “Angela, I don’t really care how it happened. I must’ve mistook you for another one of your friends because y’all look the same. But maybe just don’t DM other people’s husbands. Weirdo.” 

Angelina clapped back at Alexis by accusing her of “making all of this up” in a post on her Instagram Story. She called Alexis a “clout chaser” in the message, which Alexis replied to in another TikTok. “I have a screen recording of the messages that go straight to your profile of the messages going to me and my husband,” she pointed out. Alexis then proceeded to mock Angelina with a TikTok video of her mouthing along to Jersey Shore audio of  Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino calling her a “dirty little hamster.” 

Things died down after that but Alexis reignited the feud on October 29, 2023, when she met Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola at another Jets game. Sammi was feuding with Angelina at the time and she teamed up with Alexis to make a TikTok that seemingly mocked her costar. In the clip, Alexis mouthed along to old audio of Sammi yelling, “Are you friends with her?!” The post was captioned, “Angela, I’M friends with her!!!!”


All of the drama resurfaced on Jersey Shore in March 2024 when the episode of the cast attending the Jets game aired. “These football players are hot,” Angelina said on the show, while Jenni “JWoww” Farley told her, “Are you flirting? He’s married. Stop flirting!”

When the episodes aired, Alexis filmed more TikTok videos and continued to brand Angelina as a “weirdo.”