Matt Barnes opens up about how he navigates coparenting teenage twins Carter and Isaiah with their stepdad, Derek Fisher, in an exclusive clip from The Barnes Bunch shared with Life & Style.

In the teaser clip for the Friday, April 26, episode of the WEtv series, Matt, 44, explained that Carter and Isaiah, whom he shares with ex-wife Gloria Govan, were playing basketball in high school with Derek, 49.

After noting that many people think that Derek is his “sworn enemy,” Matt explained that he knew Derek well before he married Gloria, 39, in 2021.

“Derek and I played together on the Lakers for two years. Gloria and I filed for divorce January 1, 2015. The divorce was finalized a year later,” Matt explained in a confessional. “But within the time, I found out that my former teammate was dating my ex-wife, and with no communication to me about it from either of them, that was a little bit of an issue.”

While speaking to friends, Matt shut down speculation that Derek “stole” Gloria from him and explained they had been separated for nearly a year when the now-married couple started dating. “The only thing that really kind of rose me up was the fact that, you know, you’re around my kids and you didn’t tell me,” he said. “I felt disrespected.”

Despite initially having issues with Derek, Matt explained that he eventually had a change of heart because Carter and Isaiah, 15, grew fond of their stepdad.

Matt recalled having a conversation with Derek, in which they “both explained our sides” of the situation. After Matt shared he had an issue with the “lack of communication” from Derek and Gloria, he said that they “squashed” their issues within a year.

The Golden State Warriors athlete continued to reflect on coparenting in a confessional, noting that he also has to deal with similar issues with his fiancée, Anansa Sims, and her ex-husband, David Patterson. The former couple shares daughter Ava and sons David and Dean, while Matt and Anansa, 45, welcomed son Ashton Joseph Barnes in December 2018.

“Whether it’s Anansa’s ex-husband or, you know, my ex-wife, that we can all be in the same gang and get along,” Matt continued in a confessional. “At one point I would like that, but now it’s not. I don’t know if it will ever get like that again.”

The Barnes Bunch's Matt Barnes Discusses Coparenting With Ex Gloria Govan and Derek Fisher

While Matt didn’t directly address his drama with David in the clip, a headline explained that David filed a lawsuit against Matt for alleged battery, assault and emotional distress to the Los Angeles County Superior Court in January 2023. The lawsuit was filed after Matt spit on David at the divisional-round game between the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys earlier that month. However, the outcome of that case is not currently known.

The clip concluded with Matt promising to “always be hands on” with his sons, and he said he’s dedicated to effectively coparenting with Gloria and Derek.

The Barnes Bunch airs on WEtv Fridays at 10 p.m. ET.