Bravo’s new series The Valley seemed like it might be a more mature version of Vanderpump Rules. It features several former VPR stars, as well as some newcomers like Jesse and Michelle Lally. However, the couples in The Valley have just as much or even more drama than VPR. Married couple Jesse and Michelle’s marriage was on the rocks when season 1 began, which has led fans to wonder if they’re still together.

Are ‘The Valley’ Stars Jesse and Michelle Lally Still Together?

Jesse and Michelle are no longer together. Us Weekly confirmed their separation on March 14, 2024, mere days before The Valley premiered. While the couple didn’t release an official statement regarding the announcement, they promised viewers that they would see it play out on the show.

“There’s a lot that happens,” Michelle said to Entertainment Tonight in an article published on April 9, 2024. “We’ve been together for a long time and married, but you get to see our real struggles. You’re gonna see that we have separated.”

Are The Valley’s Jesse and Michelle Lally Still Together?
Casey Durkin/Bravo

Jesse told the outlet in a separate interview, “Unfortunately, right now Michelle and I are separated, but we’re coparenting, focused on Isabella. Michelle moved out recently, so we’re living just a few blocks away. You’ll see it unfold throughout the entire season this year.”

Michelle Lally Is Dating Someone Else in 2024

Michelle held an Instagram Live Q&A on April 20, 2024, where she answered fans’ questions about her life.

An Instagram user asked her if she was dating someone after her split from Jesse and she replied, “Someone amazing. I like our little privacy for the moment.”


It was later revealed that Michelle is now dating financial advisor Aaron Nosler, who posted a photo with the reality star via Instagram on March 12.

“My handsome date,” Michelle commented under the post.

Jesse Lally Is Dating Someone Else in 2024

Jesse shocked fans when he went public with girlfriend Lacy Nicole on April 27, 2024. The pair debuted their relationship at The Comedy Chateau in North Hollywood while raising a charitable hand for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

A few days later, the Bravo star opened up about his love life with Us Weekly.

“We’ve been great friends and we newly started dating. She’s just an incredible personality and she’s such a loving soul,” Jesse told the publication. “We’re just super happy right now to get back to a place of happiness. I just feel more grounded and she’s special. But it’s new, so we’re just taking it slow.”

Costar Kristen Doute Revealed Secrets About Jesse and Michelle’s Marriage During ‘The Valley’ Season 1

While Jesse and Michelle were clearly having marital issues during The Valley’s first season, things came to a head in episode 6. Previously, Valley stars Kristen Doute and Jax Taylor mentioned a secret Michelle was keeping from Jesse. Kristen sent Michelle a voicemail promising to protect her, while Jax only alluded to Michelle hiding something.

When the cast attended dinner together in episode 6, Kristen became annoyed and wanted to excuse herself. From there, tensions grew and eventually producers had to hold Jesse back from a physical altercation with Luke Broderick, Kristen’s boyfriend. Jesse threatened to “bury” Kristen if she revealed any “skeletons” about his wife that he didn’t know about. Kristen walked away, but before the episode ended, cameras caught Kristen claiming to her boyfriend that Michelle had had a boyfriend for an entire year at some point during her marriage to Jesse.