Rue is back, but what’s next for her? Zendaya weighed in on what’s to come in Euphoria season 3 months after the second season finale premiered.

“We carried her all the way to hopefully what is rock bottom and a dark moment, and hopefully by the end leave with a sense of happiness and joy that there is hope for her in the end,” the actress told Variety in April 2022. “I think that was expressed through her watching Lexi’s play. … Rue wants to be here and it’s up to her now. I really hope that we can explore her life in the future, closer to the other side and her sobriety journey.”

The highly anticipated second season of Euphoria premiered in January 2022 with the finale coming a month later. Amid season 2, HBO confirmed that the show would return for a third installment.

The highly anticipated second season of Euphoria premiered in January 2022 with the finale coming a month later. Amid season 2, HBO confirmed that the show would return for a third installment. But it looks like the upcoming season will include some major changes, such as actress Barbie Ferreira’s sudden exit.

Keep reading to see what we know about season 3 so far. 

How Season 2 Ended

Rue and Jules are still broken up, but they appear to have gotten rid of any bad blood between them. Ashtray appeared to have died following a shootout with the police in his and Fezco’s home. Cassie may or may not be with Nate, however, he did leave her stranded at the school during her sister Lexi’s play. That being said, Cassie and Maddy still have a lot to discuss after their friendship was majorly fractured. There’s a lot of questions that still need to be answered.

During an awards season Q&A first covered by The Hollywood Reporter, the famed cast addressed the ending of season 2, noting that there was an earlier iteration that initially left the beloved characters on much thinner ice.

“There was a much sadder ending to this season, and so we were thinking, ‘We can’t leave her here, she means too much to us,’” Zendaya said of her character, Rue. “It ended in the most beautiful way and the most incredible performances that you guys brought to life that blow my mind. And really, the idea [is] that art can save lives in many ways. So it went through many iterations, but I’m grateful where it ended, and I’m grateful for all the stories that were then shared with me after that ending.”

Where Things Stand for Rue and Jules

“The way the season left off is probably the best way for them to go right now,” Hunter Schafer told Variety in April 2022. “I think they still love each other a lot. They’ll always have the beautiful memories they made together — as well as the tough ones. I hope they can look back at that relationship and smile at some point.”

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Definitely More From Maddy

When it comes to season 3, Alexa Demie has come up with a lot of ideas, but she’s not sharing!

“I have this theory that Maddy’s spirit telepathically sends [creator] Sam [Levinson] ideas of where she wants to go,” the actress joked when chatting with Variety in April 2022. “So I let her do that. I think of things, and I don’t even have to say them, he writes them.”

Why Did Barbie Ferreira Leave ‘Euphoria’?

While fans gravitated towards Barbie’s Kat, the actress confirmed via her Instagram Stories in August 2022 that she has exited the show.

“After four years of getting to embody the most special and enigmatic character Kat, I’m having to say a very teary eyed goodbye,” Ferreira posted. “I hope many of you could see yourself in her like I did and that she brought you joy to see her journey into the character she is today. I put all my care and love into her and I hope you guys could feel it. Love you Katherine Hernandez.”

In April 2023, Barbie opened up about her shocking exit during an appearance on the “Armchair Expert” podcast, noting that she wanted her character’s story to go beyond what she was initially given. 

“I don’t think there was a place for [Kat] to go,” she explained. “I think there were places she could have gone. I just don’t think it would have fit into the show. I don’t know if it was going to do her justice, and I think both parties knew that. I really wanted to be able to not be the fat best friend. I don’t want to play that, and I think they didn’t want that either.” 

The Cast Has Character Predictions

When speaking on an awards season Q&A, some of the Euphoria cast members revealed their hopes for their characters. Speaking of the beloved Cassie, actress Sydney Sweeney said of her role, “She’s looking for a family in everyone else. She looks for it and her friends, she looks for it in the guys.” As for Maude Apatow‘s Lexi, she believes that her character is looking for freedom from intrusive thoughts and “negative self-talk.” “Once that’s out of the way. you can realize your full potential, and I think that’ll probably [be] hers: stop attacking herself,” Apatow said.

Adding even more to her estimation of Jules, Hunter said during the Q&A, ““Each of these characters have their own vice in a way, and I think the product of Jules’ vice that she’s looking for is closeness with other people and feeling affirmed in that closeness without any judgment or real connection and safety in that connection.” Will there ever be a happy ending for Jules and Rue? Zendaya further said that all she wishes for Rue is that she is able to “be alive and maybe enjoy it.”

All in all, the stars have no idea what’s to come from their respective characters.

“I know nothing. I’m so curious,” Maude revealed to Variety. “We’ve heard whispers but barely anything.”

Kicking Off Production

According to Sydney, the shows third season is set to start filming “soon.” She teased the upcoming episodes while attending the LACMA Art + Film Gala in November 2022.

“I feel like my whole life is a secret,” the actress joked to Variety. “It’s really hard.”

Is Billie Eilish Making a Guest Appearance?

Fans have speculated Billie Eilish may appear in the forthcoming season. However, the “Happier Than Ever” songstress has since set the record straight.

“That’s not true,” she shared during a November 2022 interview with Vanity Fair. “I’d like to be! Euphoria is f–kin’ fire.”