Scandoval was so yesterday, the new salacious gossip is that Tom Schwartz cheated on ex-wife Katie Maloney with Scheana Shay during a sinful trip to Las Vegas. The TomTom co-owner dropped the bombshell during the Tuesday, March 26, episode of Vanderpump Rules during a conversation with Lala Kent.

“What [Sandoval] did compared to what we have all done, I think everyone has cheated in some way,” Tom, 41, told the Give Them Lala Beauty founder, 33. “Everyone has cheated. We have all cheated. Like I have done stupid s–t. I was a makeout slut. I made out with Scheana like 12 years ago in Vegas. No one even knows that. It was so long ago and it was the most innocuous thing ever.”

Tom noted that he and Katie, 37, were in a “rocky moment” in their relationship when he decided to lock lips with Scheana, 38. The former couple got married in 2019 after eight years of dating. They got a divorce in 2022 and have remained amicable.

“I just wanted to put it out there and let the record show that we are all human. We all do dumb s–t sometimes. This is the summer of forgiveness,” the Florida native continued, before recalling a recent conversation with Scheana. “Sometime late last year we were at a party around the holidays and she’s like, ‘Do you remember when we made out?’ And I was like, ‘We did make out. We kind of made out.’”

Tom and the “Good as Gold” singer’s steamy moment didn’t come as a shock to fans as the revelation was included in the Vanderpump Rules season 11 trailer. The timeline of the kiss, however, is the real “OMG” moment of the news.

After the Schwartz and Sandy’s co-owner admitted the truth, Lala played messenger and relayed the bad news to Katie, who had “so many questions” about the kiss.

“Was this the time Schwartz said he went to Vegas and said he made out with Scheana’s friend? Was it actually, in fact, Scheana? There are just so many lies in this group that it is hard to keep track,” the “Disrespectfully” podcast co-host told Lala.

Later in the episode, Scheana addressed Katie and filled in the blanks in the story. According to Scheana, she and Ariana Madix were in Vegas in 2013 while supporting her little sister’s cheerleading competition.

“Schwartz pulls me in the corner and kisses me. I think [Mike] Shay and I were just engaged,” Scheana told Katie. “That was not a makeout. Can I tell you who I was making out with on this trip? Ariana. I wanted to pretend like this never happened. I never told Shay or my mom or my best friends.”