Throwback. Scheana Shay was a loyal girlfriend-turned wifey to now ex-husband Mike Shay during the Vanderpump Rules premiere in 2013. As the seasons went on, fans saw the rise and fall of their marriage, which resulted in Mike’s (who goes by Shay) exit from the show. Now, people are wondering what he’s doing today. Keep scrolling to see what Shay has been doing since he left VPR.

When Did Mike Shay Leave ‘Vanderpump Rules’?

Mike departed from the show after season 5 in 2016, where he and Scheana split ​oncamera.

During the season, viewers saw their love dwindle as he was overcoming substance abuse struggles and withdrawing money out of their bank accounts without Scheana’s knowledge.

The Bravo star opened up about their divorce, which was finalized in April 2017, and the “big lesson” she learned from it.

“First time around when I got married, we didn’t do a prenup. But there was an addiction problem and when the trust was broken, I realized this isn’t a marriage I want to continue,” Scheana said during a season 10 episode of VPR, ahead of her wedding with husband Brock Davies. “He didn’t want to get divorced and I was like, ‘How about we split our bank account?’ And then he agreed … No matter how much you love someone and they love you, there’s always a risk that you could lose everything.”

What Is Mike Shay Doing Now?

During his last season appearing on Vanderpump Rules, Mike was pursuing his dream in the music industry.

Where Is VPR’s Mike Shay Today? Scheana Ex-Husband Update
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Now, it seems like he is still on the same career path as his official Twitter bio labels himself as a “rapper, producer and DJ.”

Mike has not posted on his Twitter account since 2019.

The former reality star now lives a private life, and that includes his verified Instagram account being private.

Does Mike Shay Still Talk to Scheana?

Scheana shocked fans when she shared that she reached out to Mike while she was pregnant with daughter Summer Moon, whom she shares with Brock.

“I had texted Shay the night before I announced just out of respect to let him know ’cause he had called me after he heard about the miscarriage and checked in. And once I found out I was pregnant again I was like, I don’t want him to like read that in Us Weekly. I think I at least owe him that in a private message,” she told Bravo Insider in 2020. “So, I had let him know before we announced. And then he responded the next morning, which is when it came out. And just said he was so happy for me. We talked the other day, and he just asked how it was going, and that was really nice. And I mean, we’ve known each other longer than we haven’t in our lives at this point. We met when we were like 15 years old.”